St. Ignatius

Final Reflection

There were a lot of things that went down before I entered FSA. I had just arrived from a whole new country, the couple months I spent in elementary school finally came to an end, and I was awaiting the future of if my application to FSA would be accepted or not. However, besides all this, what impacted me the most was my life in my old country. I had lived 10 and a ½ solid years of my life in Nigeria and all the memories and thrills had taken a toll on me. I missed waking up in my own bed and heading straight in the kitchen to find my mom and dad chatting about the news and stuff. Then I would see both my brothers with bread stuffed deep in their mouths gagging and laughing at each other's faces. It looked like they were getting suffocated. Now, all this was just a dream. I had left for a better education and a better education is what I was going to end up getting. Fast forward a couple months and there I was, dressed up nicely, approaching the future in my new school. There was no time for grieving, but only time for focusing on the best education I could get. My time to shine was finally here and although it was a sacrifice which I might not have wanted to make, it was what was necessary to have a successful life.