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Student & Parent Life


The Fr. Sauer Academy school year begins in late August and ends in the second half of July. The students are expected to be in attendance throughout the school year.

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Daily Schedule

7:00 AM: Transportation to school provided for students
8:00 AM: Doors open/Breakfast Served
8:20 AM: Class begins
3:45 PM: The day ends and students are transported home

UPDATE: The 2020-2021 schedule has been modified for Distance Learning.  There are two separate cohorts for the AM and PM.  Please see our Schedule on the Parent/Student Portal.

Students will be supervised at all times during the hours specified. Supervision is not provided before or after the scheduled time.

Students will receive instruction each week in the following subjects: religion, writing, social studies, science, mathematics, literature, reading, physical education, social emotional health and life skills. Studies of music, art and technology will also be incorporated into the curriculum.


The Fr. Sauer Academy is committed to assisting students with transportation to and from school each day when possible. We have a limited bus service available for families living more than 3 miles from school.


Homework is an integral part of the student experience and will be assigned every day. Students should be able to complete their homework during Study Hall. We ask parents to verify that homework assignments are completed every day as it increases communication between the teacher and the parent while also benefiting the student. Homework reinforces learning in the classroom and also helps students to develop independent study habits. Additionally, students must read 20-30 minutes each night at home and complete a short reading log which is to be signed by a parent/guardian.


Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided at no cost to the students or families.


It is required that each student be in full uniform, look presentable, and be clean every day. This includes routine bathing, hair care, and uniform cleanliness.

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians that their child is dressed in complete uniform every day. Students must present a clean and organized appearance. The uniform must be worn correctly; clothing that is too loose or too tight is not allowed. Inappropriate dress, hairstyle, or accessories will not be tolerated.

The uniform will consist of khaki slacks, a navy-blue polo shirt, a Fr. Sauer Academy sweatshirt and white or black tennis shoes.

Living the Fr. Sauer Academy Values

As a Jesuit School, students are encouraged to grow in the Grad at Grad characteristics of being Loving, Open to Growth, Religious, Intellectually Competent, Committed to Doing Justice, and Called to Leadership.

In order to encourage our students to grow, we focus on our daily actions which we call our Values—Persist, Love, Lead, Unite, Serve, and Seek.

On a daily basis, students may be rewarded for their actions by faculty and staff with PLLUSS-Points (Persist, Love, Lead, Unite, Serve, Seek). Students who receive such points may or may not realize that they have received them, as some faculty and staff may choose to give points anonymously since “virtue is its own reward.”

Each month, a student who exemplifies the Fr. Sauer Academy Values will be given the Student of the Month Award.

At the conclusion of each trimester, 2 students in each grade will be recognized as Ignatian Scholars. The Ignatian Scholar award is the highest award that will be given to an individual student who demonstrates outstanding academic growth, conduct, professionalism, and lives out the values of the Father Sauer Academy.

The Team: Parent-Teacher

Communication between the parent and teacher is vital for your child’s education. The Fr. Sauer Academy encourages and recommends informal conversations with teachers. Any information or questions regarding your child’s behavior at home or at school are most welcome. Please let us of any special events or occasions in the life of your child (birth of a sibling, death of a relative, etc.). Parents are welcome to call the school to make an appointment with a teacher at any time during the school year.

Parents who are more involved in the educational process create a better experience for all, and cooperation with the school is an essential part of your child’s education. Participation includes:

  • Attendance at the monthly community meetings
  • Attendance at parent-student-teacher conferences (at least twice a year)
  • Interest in your child’s work and checking it nightly
  • Checking to make sure your child reads at least 20–30 minutes every night

Program Support for Graduates

We expect that students who study at the Fr. Sauer Academy go on to the high school at St. Ignatius and, later, college. The Fr. Sauer Academy will make every effort to prepare our students for these goals. That effort does not end when students graduate. Once Academy students move on to the high school program at St. Ignatius, they will find support from the Magis Office, the Counseling Department, as well as various Affinity Groups on campus. We also encourage graduates to remain connected with the Fr. Sauer Academy community through volunteering and attending community social events throughout the school year.


Based upon demonstrated need, families will receive aid for the full cost of the Fr. Sauer Academy ($25,000 per year). In return, we ask that families commit their time—by attending monthly community meetings, adhering to the demands of the academic calendar of classes and activities, limiting use of television at home, encouraging the development of English language skills and nightly reading and reviewing classwork and tests.