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SI is committed to integrating meaningful technologies into the curriculum. We invest in making available to students the experiences, resources, and connections to explore current and emerging technologies.

All students are required to have an iPad with them at school each day. Many teachers have developed learning activities that leverage each student having their own mobile computing device. Aid is available to families for whom purchasing an iPad would be a hardship. Learn more about SI's iPad program.

In addition, SI has a multimedia lab, where students can take classes in multimedia design or simply use the computers there to work on their projects. The Alfred Wilsey Library also has public computers students may use to conduct research, work on projects, or pass the time. Furthermore, the students have opportunities to take courses in engineering or programming, and the Robotics Club has a workshop on campus.

The school uses Canvas, an all-in-one online service for accessing assignments, tracking important dates, and getting information for assessments.