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SI classes are about more than facts and figures, grades and essays.

Students deal with those, but in service of learning how to approach the world thoughtfully and critically, with reason. Therefore, SI's curriculum is a combination of courses fundamental to the Ignatian spirit of education, and includes every aspect of the SI experience: religious, social, and psychological, as well as academic.

Computer Science

From multimedia design to programming, students have opportunities to explore a full range of digital skills.


Students learn to express themselves in clear and precise prose, and also develop critical thinking skills through reading and analyzing texts of lasting human value.

Fine Arts

Whether drama, music, dance, or visual arts, students develop the skills necessary for appreciation of and participation in the creative process.


Through study of a language other than English, students learn to communicate in that language at the intermediate level and gain a broad understanding of the countries where that language is spoken.


Students develop a fundamental appreciation for different mathematical fields, with the vast majority leaving SI prepared for success in a college calculus or statistics course.

Physical Education

Classes promote fitness, wellness, health, and a personal responsibility for long-term exercise.

Religious Studies

Students develop an understanding of their relationship with God and their human brothers and sisters in light of the scriptures and the teachings of the Catholic Church in the modern world.


Students learn the scientific method so they can understand modern scientific descriptions of the universe and come to objective conclusions about the natural world.

Social Science

Students learn about social systems and movements, major world civilizations and events, and more, with emphases on critical analysis of historical narratives and students' connection and responsibility to past, present, and future.

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