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The Graduate at Graduation

The characteristics of the Profile below describe the St. Ignatius College Preparatory graduate from various perspectives. In a sense, the graduate is a threshold person: he or she is rapidly approaching young adulthood, and the world of childhood has been left behind definitively. In the four years of high school there have been joys and successes as well as failures and disappointments, experiences which have led to the graduate’s maturing. Granted that they are not fully developed in late adolescence, the qualities below describe the characteristics which seem most conducive to a desirable adult life. Some overlapping in the five categories is evident because many of these qualities are mutually related and intertwined. Jesuit education is, has been, and always will be focused on whole person education: mind, spirit, and body. Thus, the Profile always needs to be viewed within the context of the mission of Jesuit education and not merely as a list of achievable outcomes for the Jesuit high school graduate.