St. Ignatius

 Data Team

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Data Team is to help manage the general data flow within the school and among the stakeholders. To this end, the team will perform three main functions.

  • First, they will provide statistical support where needed.
  • Second, they will aid in the interpretation and analysis of the general trends of the school, as well as help with any analytical projects that the Principal, Assistant Principals, or specific departments request.
  • Finally, the team will serve as consultants to any research projects, including helping design evaluation tools for any experimental curricular, pedagogical, or structural changes to the school’s operations.

As data-based decision-making has become more prevalent in recent years, the Data Team has been formed to raise the general level of understanding and use of data throughout the school, and to help make these decision-making processes more clear, effective, and intentional.

Team Composition

The Data Team is not a standing committee. It is a group of changing composition that adjusts to address specific issues that arise. It is composed of a Core Team and several Project teams. The Core Data Team is an informal groiup be comprised of three members :

  • Assistant Principal for Academics, Student Activities, or Campus Ministry.
  • Professional Development Director (PDD)
  • Institutional Researcher (formerly the Educational Data Analyst--EDA)

Project teams are formed around specific topics of investigation. These teams are comprised of five to six people, depending on the size of the project:

Institutional Researcher (IR)

Two topic specialists from within the field

two faculty members from outside the project field

For example, an analysis of college placement could involve the IR, two counselors, a science teacher and a social studies teacher. An analysis of Community Service could include the IR, the Community Service director,a Campus Ministry member, and two language teachers. An analysis of the Coaching Observation Program might include the IR, one athletic director, a former head coach, a drama director and an English teacher.

The reason for the at-large members of the team is three-fold. First, fresh eyes and a different perspective help to question assumptions. Second, more people involved in the process spreads the burden and ensures transparency to the process. Third, potential future leaders within the school will emerge when given the opportunity to grow in this area.