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College Profile: Class of 2020

Class of 2020: College & Statistical Profile

The class of 2020 applied to over 300 different colleges and universities. Rather than look at each university individually, SI categorizes them based on Barron's evaluations. There is some overlap between groups. For example, UC Berkeley is both a UC and a Most Selective University. Boston College is both a Jesuit university and a Very Selective university. In addition, SI breaks out certain populations for further examination:

  • The Class of 2020
  • Magna cum Laude Graduates 2020
  • Cum Laude Graduates 2020
  • Financial Aid Graduates 2020
  • Traditionally Under-represented Minority Graduates 2020
  • First Generation College Bound Graduates 2020
  • Magis Middle School Graduates 2020
  • LD Graduates 2020

Links to long-term trends for each group are available below.

SI lives up to its name of “college preparatory” in the final analysis. Nearly every SI graduate attends college, with the great majority entering a four-year university. Each year SI sends students to the East Coast Ivy League schools and the preeminent West Coast schools including Stanford University and UC Berkeley. Typically 98 percent attend a 4-year college and 3 percent attend a 2-year college. (Here’s a list of the colleges students attended by the Class of 2017.) Our goal is to help all students find the college that is right for them. Our counseling staff can provide students with the resources they need to find the university that fits them best.

Class of 2020--Whole Class

Magna Cum Laude Graduates

Cum Laude Graduates

Graduates Who Received Financial Assistance

Traditionally Under-Represented Minority Graduates

First Generation College Bound Students

Magis Middle Schools Graduates

Graduates with Documented Learning Differences