St. Ignatius

AP Math

The SI math department is very proud of its AP numbers. AP courses are offered in three subjects:

  • AP Calculus BC (including the AB Sub-score)
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Statistics

The philosophy regarding the Calculus courses is that as many students who are capable of passing the Calculus test should be encouraged to do so. Therefore, the Senior pass rate (the number passing divided by the whole senior class) is a primary measure for success. The philosophy regarding AP Stats is that Stats should be open to all students, especially those who were not in the PreCalculus courses, but who might be interested in the social sciences. Therefore, AP Statistics is basically an open-enrollment class.


BC Calculus


BC Calculus is the higher level Calculus course. Passing this exam carries a full year of college credit. The AB Calculus exam carries one semester of credit. The CollegeBoard gives BC students an AB sub-score, so it is possible to receive credit for the one semester exam despite not passing the two semester exam. There are three goals for the BC exam:

  • Pass rate vs senior class: minimum = 10%, Goal = 12%
  • Pass rate for each year: minimum = 80%, Goal = 85%
  • Rate of 4 or 5: minimum = 60%, Goal = 70 

Calculus BC--AB Sub-scores


In 2000, the CollegeBoard began giving an AB sub-score to students taking the BC test, in order to encourage students to take the more rigorous course without being penalized by having to take two tests or forsake the one they might have passed. SI has set three goals for the AB Sub-score:

  • Pass rate: minimum = 90%, goal = 100%
  • Rate of 4 or 5: minimum = 70%, goal = 80%
  • No ones.

Calculus AB


The AB Calculus course has 2 goals:

  • Pass rate for each year: minimum = 75%, goal = 80%
  • Rate of 4 or 5: minimum = 40%, goal = 50%

(There are two other goals below for the AB scores when they are combined with the BC students' AB Sub-scores.)





Combined AB and AB Sub-Score


There are two additional goals for the combined AB and AB Sub-score from the BC students:

  • Combined AB and BC Sub-score 4/ or 5 rate: minimum = 50%, goal = 60%
  • Pass rate vs senior class (including sub-score): minimum = 30%, goal = 33%

AP Stats