St. Ignatius

Frosh iPad Curriculum

The week of August 9, 2021, parents and incoming 9th graders and transfer students will receive an email which will share important information on how students will access their SI gmail account, create their SI password and how to access Canvas, our school's learning management system. Additionally, students will also receive access to a screencast which will show them how to connect to the campus wifi, printers on campus, and learn about the iPad apps most commonly used such as Google Docs, Notability, and Canvas. 

Upon successful completion of the workshop, students understand and be able to:

File Management

  • find, open, save, and close local files located on the tablet;
  • find, move, copy, open, and save files stored on a network drive;
  • create new folders, and navigate through nested folders;
  • follow standard filename conventions; and
  • change existing file and folder names.

Network Skills

  • identify key features and practices of email etiquette;
  • locate and select network printers;
  • change printer settings (e.g. duplex, portrait vs landscape printing);
  • register for classes, view assignments, download attachments, post to forums, and take online quizzes in Canvas; and FinalSite
  • use the Community Login on the website to view announcements, school schedules, and access classes.
  • learn how to access information through student portal on school website
  • learn how to change passwords.

Productivity Skills


    • bold, italicize, and underline text;
    • change font style and size;
    • change the alignment of text;
    • change the default document template;
    • adjust page borders;
    • insert page numbers;
    • insert footnotes;
    • insert and format a table;
    • insert and format an image;
    • create columns.


    • insert and format text;
    • sort by columns; and
    • graph a two-axis scatterplot.


    • select a predefined Theme and apply it to all slides;
    • insert and format text;
    • insert and format an image;
    • insert and format a table;
    • change font style and size;
    • bold, italicize, and underline text;
    • record voice-over narration;
    • insert a hyperlink;
    • insert a video clip;
    • build elements onto a slide;
    • transition between slides; and
    • insert and format shapes.

Google Apps for SI

    • Send and receive email through the iPad Mail app and through the website link;
    • Setup iCal to access their Google Calendar;
    • Add and edit events in iCal/ Google Calendar; and
    • View Google Docs.


    • film video;
    • insert video clips and still images into a movie;
    • insert text;
    • apply transitions between scenes;
    • record voice-over narration;
    • insert a song or recording;
    • export video to Google Apps for SI’s private YouTube.


  • use note-taking apps (UPAD, Notability, and Penultimate)
  • annotate PDFs and other documents

Digital Citizenship

  • Students should be familiar with the attitudes and behaviors associated with positive participation in online activities related to:
  • intellectual property rights, plagiarism and illegal downloading of music and video files;
  • responsible posting of messages and pictures to Social Networking sites and email;
  • CyberBullying, reporting to school counselors or Deans; and
  • balancing appropriate amount of screen time with other activities.
  • proper methods for documenting and attributing content