St. Ignatius

iPad Repairs

While SI does not perform any physical repairs of iPads owned by a family, we are happy to make available some of the resources related to repairs that we've collected.

Apple Store

Apple is, without a doubt, the most expensive option. They are factory authorized, however… none of the other repair shops are factory authorized as Apple makes it impossible to get the authorization for iPad repairs. Typically, you get a different iPad back with a new serial number… and it looks like brand new.

If you purchased AppleCare with your iPad, you can begin your service here.


TechRestore does a ship it in/ship it back or drop off service. They’re in Concord and they offer a 10% discount if you use the link here. We’ve had many repairs done by TechRestore and they do excellent work.

Mike's Phone Restoration

Michael deRoque is a mobile repairman who will come to your location to pick up, repair on-site, and drop off. He has done many repairs for SI, and has consistently done good work at a fair price. You can reach him via phone at 707-246-5460 or via e-mail at

We’ve also heard of good results from:

    They have local service through their website. Never used them, but other schools in the area swear by their service.