St. Ignatius

iPad Apps & Accessories

There are hundreds of thousands of apps in Apple's iTunes App Store, many of which are useful in an educational setting. To facilitate the navigation of this ocean of apps, we have created a list of apps that are essential and therefore required of all students at SI.

Then there are task-based apps, wherein a specific app is not necessary, and so we have made recommendations. Students can look at these recommended apps in the App Store, read the specific features, and read customer reviews before choosing one. For example, students should have a flashcard app that will help them memorize specific course content; it does not matter which specific flashcard app they use. Students should stick with whatever app they initially choose because the utility of the app is increased by its organizational capacity and one's experience with it. That is, it's better to have all of your vocab, for example, in a single app, rather than buy three flashcard apps and have your vocab spread out between them.