St. Ignatius

iPads at SI

Students are required to bring their own iPad charged to school every day.

All student iPads must support iPadOS 15. All current iPads on sale at Apple and many used iPads will support iPadOS 15.

Please check before purchase to ensure that your student's device will support iPadOS 15.

Storage: We recommend purchasing a device with  64 GB -128 GB of storage. Students can also store files in the cloud using Google Docs as we provide each student with a Google account. Students can store files in the cloud, so they will not need as much storage space.

iPad Purchase

If your family needs to purchase an iPad, here are some options for purchase:

If you have questions on the purchase or requirements of an iPad and educational apps for the iPad, please email our Director of IT, Jamie Pruden (

iPad Insurance

We find that it can be beneficial for families to purchase insurance for their student's iPad that extends beyond the manufacturer's warranty (which doesn't often cover damage or loss). In our experience, about 20% of students will experience damage or loss of an iPad during their time at the school.

If your family is buying an iPad from Apple, AppleCare+ is an option that covers drops and spills (but not loss) with a deductible. Check out their page for more information.

What about typing on an the iPad? Is that difficult and can we use an external keyboard?

Given that we are a one to one iPad school, it's imperative each student has an iPad, as some assignments are iPad-dependent and we want to ensure our students are always prepared for class.  There are also lists of keyboard options on our website if you prefer to attach a keyboard to the iPad. Students are allowed to bring in their laptops in addition to their iPads. We have found the iPad is sufficient for meeting the needs of students and their learning. Some teachers allow students to bring in their laptops for typing instead of their iPads. This substitution is on a case by case basis---depending on the teacher. Again, there are iPad-specific apps and activities that students will need to complete on an iPad, so they are asked to be prepared with the device. This decision is also based on your child's comfort level with typing on the iPad. We also recommend students ask their teachers in the opening days of school what device they typically see in the classroom. 

What if I have Questions? 

Students who are Jon Sobrino Scholars as part of their Financial Assistance should contact Sr. Sharon Brannen, about additional options. If you have questions on the requirements (specs) of an iPad and educational iPad apps, please email our Director of IT, Jamie Pruden (