iPads at SI

Students are required to bring their own iPad charged to school every day.

Our only requirement for an iPad is that it supports iOS 13.

All current Apple iPads support iOS 13 as do most that have been produced in the past 2 years.

Storage: We recommend purchasing a device with  64 GB -128 GB of storage. Students can also store files in the cloud using Google Docs as we provide each student with a Google account. Students can store files in the cloud, so they will not need as much storage space on their iPad.

iPad Purchase

If a family needs to purchase an iPad, there are several options, which is one of the advantages of a BYOi program. Typically, families buy iPads from:

If you have questions on the purchase or requirements of an iPad, please email our Director of IT, Jamie Pruden (jpruden@siprep.org). If you have questions on educational apps for the iPad, please email our Dir. of Ed Tech & Innovation, Jennifer Gaspar-Santos (jsantos@siprep.org). 

iPad Insurance

We strongly recommend that families buy insurance for the iPad that extends beyond the simple manufacturer's warranty against defects. Based on our experiences from 2012–14 with 1,450 iPads, 20% of families at SI can expect their son or daughter's iPad to be lost, stolen, or, most commonly, broken.

If a family happens to be buying a new iPad directly from Apple, the AppleCare+ is an excellent option.

SquareTrade also offers a cost-effective insurance option, regardless of where you have purchased the iPad. BestBuy, like Apple, only offers its insurance, Geek Squad Protection, on devices purchased from them.