St. Ignatius College Preparatory San Francisco's Jesuit school since 1855

Lost & Found

SI is not responsible for items left behind by students on campus, but the Security Department would like to provide a convenient mechanism for assisting in the return of items to their rightful owner. The SI Lost and Found Policy establishes a procedure regarding the handling and return of items found on campus, the disposition of unclaimed items, and a mechanism to track items reported lost.

Procedure for Found Items

  1. All found items should be turned in to the Summer School office before 2:00 pm each day.  Summer school offices will temporarily store items until pick up by the security staff at 2:30 pm.  Security will work with Dean to make every attempt to contact the owner if sufficient identification is on the item to facilitate a quick return to rightful owner.  Security will check the Lost Items list to see if the item has been reported lost.
  2. Security will record items of value such as wallets, purses and electronic devices on the log sheets at the time they are turned over from the Dean’s office. Information requested in the logbook will help to ensure items are accounted for and returned to the rightful owners. Security is responsible for filling out the logbook completely and accurately.  
  3. Items of value will be kept in a secure location.
  4. All other lost and found articles, such as clothing or water bottles, will be put in the designated box on the first floor, near the Summer School office.
  5. In order to claim a found item, the owner must describe the item as closely as possible. After ownership is established, the owner will sign for the item.

Procedure for Lost Items

A log sheet will be made available at the Summer School office for those who report missing items, along with their name and phone number. A Security Agent will contact the person if the item is collected by agent or turned in to the Security office.  Completed logbook sheets will be kept on file at the main entrance reception desk.  Security is available 24/7 by calling 415-624-4285 or extension 5911.


Items in Lost and Found which are not claimed by the end of summer school will be disbursed. Items of value will be taken to the Director of Security Office to be donated. Non-reusable items will be disposed. All reusable items will be appropriately donated.

Misappropriation of lost or found items may be treated as theft or fraud under the school policies and the relevant California Penal Code.