Freshman Class Council

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Freshman Class Council

The Freshmen Class Council serves as a voice for the entire freshmen class. They will help organize and plan events and activites for the freshmen class. Some activites include dances, school spirit activites, fundraisers, and designing their personalized freshmen sweater.

An elected officer of Freshman Class Council agrees to:

- lead the freshmen class with competence, conscience and compassion.

- lead the freshmen class by being an example, in both words and actions, of magis; a thirst for more, for the greater good, for the most courageous response to the challenges of our ime in the fullest development of students' talents, and for a life-long disposition to serve.

- to be a reprsentative of all aspects of our school: academic, extra-curricular, and spiritual.

- to maintain a balance among the academic, extra-curricular, and spiritual aspects of his/her own community.

- to lead various activities for which s/he is appointed with dedication.

- to foster good communication and team work within all council in which s/he leads.

- to complete all obligations of the position.

- to attend, punctually, all meetings and activites for which s/he is called.

- to abide by all school rules in the Student Handbook, in particular the drug/alcohol policy and the dress code.


Important Deadlines

Friday August 28: Election Materials Available in the Student Affairs Office

Friday September 18: All Election Materials due by 8:30 AM Including Faculty Endorsements to the Student Affairs Office.

Monday September 21: Posters may be placed in the hallways or Student Center. No posters are allowed in the stairwells. Inappropriate posters will be taken down and candidate may be asked to withdraw from the race. (Posters must be taken down by 8:15am September 24th except those continuing on in the election)

Tuesday September 22 - Thursday September 24: Primary Election held online. Students may vote for two candidates.  Top five will serve as the class officers. NO candidate will be allowed to campaign within 100 feet of any computer. No email campaigning is allowed. No Facebook, Twitter or any other online communication program posts of any kind are allowed. If this occurs the candidate will be dismissed from the election.

Thursday September 24: Meeting for all candidates in room 430 immediately afterschool. Top five officers who would like to run for President will speak at an assembly.

Tuesday September 29: Frosh President Election Assembly during X Period in Cowell Gym. Officers running for president will present their speeches.

Tuesday September 29 - Wednesday September 30: Frosh President Election begins online after assembly. Students may vote for  one candidate. All campaign rules stated above are in effect

Wednesday September 30: Frosh Officers meeting in room 430 immediately after school.

Click here to download the Freshman Class Council Application

Please see Ms. Finn in the Student Affairs Office if you have any questions.