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Profile of the Ignatian Educator

Profile of an Ignatian Educator at St. Ignatius

The essential purpose of the Profile of an Ignatian Educator at St. Ignatius (formerly "Excellence in Teaching" or "EIT" program) is to provide a framework or common language with which we can discuss, assess, and improve our work as Ignatian educators. To this end, we have identified essential characteristics of excellent teaching and service across all three spheres of an Ignatian educator's work: Academics, Co-curriculars, and Spiritual Formation.

A team of St. Ignatius administrators and faculty originally developed the Excellence in Teaching framework in the summer of 1998, and it has undergone major revisions in 2001, 2005, 2010, and again in 2014. The framework began with a model developed and used by Research for Better Teaching in Acton, Massachusetts. Over the years, a number of other resources have been integrated into the framework as well, including the work of Jesuit and other Catholic educators. Special emphasis continues to be given to what Jesuit educators call "Ignatian Pedagogy." 

The framework was revised in 2010 to include both Co-Curricular and Campus Ministry dimensions of our work. The most recent version (2014) is informed by the Jesuit Schools Network's Profile of the Ignatian Educator, and it incorporates the latest research on what constitutes effective teaching (e.g., The Danielson GroupThe Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project, the work of Kim Marshall). This current version of our Profile of an Ignatian Educator aims to provide us with the most relevant and integrated framework for understanding, communicating, and evaluating our work.

Profile of an Ignatian Educator at SI

These documents provide the domains and descriptors that articulate essential areas of competence for an SI educator (Profile Summary), also detailed more specifically within the three spheres of an Ignatian educator's work.

Classroom Observation Forms

Year-End Process Documents

Goal Setting - This document provides directions for choosing your goal for the year.

Year-End Process Chart — This provides a graphic depicting year-end procedures  

Ignatian Educator Portfolio — This document provides directions for completing the Year-end Portfolio for all Pre-tenure faculty members.

Ignatian Educator Reflection — This document provides directions for completing the Year-end Reflection.

FDB Midterm Report — Provides directions for completing the Year 3 Midterm Report for tenured faculty. 

Archived Former Portfolio Reflection Documents