St. Ignatius

Professional Development Requests

St. Ignatius supports professional development activities (workshops, seminars, courses, and conferences) that directly pertain to the work of faculty and administration. When requesting support from Professional Development, please identify how this professional development activity addresses (1) professional development goals associated with our Profile of an Ignatian Educator, as well as (2) specific schoolwide goals, particular department goals, and/or an individual's professional growth plan.

Step 1: Request Form 

This online request form should be completed at least three weeks in advance of any professional development activity that includes projected expenses over $100 and/or requires classroom substitutes.

Important: Travel Expenses & Reimbursements

Understanding that travel expenses vary according to region, please be as economical as possible when booking school-sponsored travel. In doing so, we act as responsible stewards of school resources, and we insure that more of our colleagues can share in the benefits of our Professional Development program. Before traveling, please consider the following expense guidelines and restrictions.

Step 2: Expense Form (required for travel expenses)

Use this Excel spreadsheet to track and tally your Professional Development-related travel expenses. Please use the following expense guidelines and restrictions in determining your travel-relatedexpenses and preparing your expense report:

1) Expenses should be entered on a daily basis.

2) All receipts should include a date and a brief item description. Include receipts for transportation (including air travel, car rental, tolls, parking), hotels, and food. 

  • Transportation: Please include actual receipts for airfare and rental cars, not simply reservations or seat assignments. These typically contain the last four digits of your credit card number.
  • Food: Receipts for meals and individual daily totals are required. If meals are provided as part of the registration fee and are not separately stated, a reasonable amount shall be allocated to the cost of such meals as follows: breakfast $8, lunch $10, dinner $22, and the per day maximum will be reduced accordingly. Three meals a day at a maximum cost per day of $40.00 plus up to 20% for tips are reimbursable. Cost of meals are not reimbursed when traveling within a 100 miles radius, unless the meal is included in a conference registration fee.
  • Hotels: Names of school employees sharing a hotel room must also appear on the Expense Report. 
  • Personal autos: If a personal vehicle is used, please enter the total miles driven LESS the mileage of your normal commute. Please include on the expense report the names of all those traveling with you.

3) Enter the total of the cost column including the amount for reimbursable mileage for refund.

4) Submit this expense report and your original receipts to Jeannie or Paul. Also, please tape these original receipts to a blank piece of paper.

5) Allow up to two weeks for the Business Office to provide reimbursement checks.