St. Ignatius

Faculty Development Board

Tenure Recommendations

At the conclusion of its meeting with a candidate, the Board will use the Professional Growth & Tenure Rubric as a guideline for making its tenure recommendation. After carefully considering a tenure candidate's reflection and plan, the written feedback from each of the three assistant principals, and its conversation with the tenure candidate, the Board will unanimously agree upon one of the following three tenure recommendations:

Six Years Standard (w/Midterm Report) – This is the standard tenure recommendation and minimally reflects a "commendable" level of service, reflection, and professional growth in all three areas of an Ignatian educator's work. At the three-year midpoint of their tenure terms and in lieu of the Annual Reflection, these colleagues submit a Midterm Report to the Principal and Professional Development Director about progress made on each of the Board's recommendations from their last FDB.

Six Years Clear – This tenure recommendation is reserved for those colleagues who are, at minimum, "commendably" engaged in all areas AND "distinguished" in at least one area. Also, plans for current and future roles are clearly articulated and defined, within the context of normal departmental and/or organizational change. Faculty with this tenure designation complete the standard end-of-year Annual Reflection (instead of the Midterm Report). 

Provisional – This tenure recommendation is reserved for those colleagues whose engagement or performance may be "somewhat effective" in one or more areas of an Ignatian educator's work. Colleagues with this tenure designation are asked to meet with the relevant assistant principal(s) to develop a one-year improvement plan that targets specific growth areas outlined in the Board's recommendations. This professional improvement plan is monitored by the relevant assistant principal(s), and it includes appropriate timelines, supports, and benchmarks for achieving the specific goals outlined in this one-year action plan. At the conclusion of this plan (no later than March of the following year), the provisional tenure candidate submits to the Professional Development Director and the FDB Chair a response to the goals outlined in his/her improvement plan. After a meeting with the provisional tenure candidate, and after reviewing written feedback from the relevant assistant principal(s), the Board Chair and Professional Development Director make a recommendation to the Principal about whether to grant tenure for a maximum of five years, including a Standard Midterm Report in two years.