St. Ignatius

Faculty Development Board

Step-by-Step Procedure for

Professional Growth & Tenure Review Process

Timeline and Benchmarks

1. Schedule a Date – Arrange your meeting date with Paul Molinelli as soon as possible after receiving your invitation letter from the Principal.

2. Meet with Paul Molinelli at least twelve weeks prior to your meeting. His task is to assist with the development of your Reflection and Professional Growth Plan and to begin investigating resources that will enable you to carry out your emerging professional growth ideas. After meeting with Paul, begin drafting your reflection and a plan for your next six years at St. Ignatius. See pages 2-3 for a description of the essential components of the Reflection & Plan.

3. Meet with the Department Chair – At least ten weeks prior to your meeting, you should have met with your department chair (or supervisor) to review the past six years and discuss your professional growth ideas and possible roles in your academic area or department. Please email Paul and copy your chair to confirm that this meeting has taken place.

4. Submit a Rough Draft – At least eight weeks prior to your meeting, submit a rough draft of your Reflection and Professional Growth Plan to Paul Molinelli.

5. Meet with the Assistant Principals – At least six weeks prior to your meeting, you should have met with each of the assistant principals to review the past six years and discuss your plans for the future. Please forward a complete rough draft to the assistant principals in advance of your meetings with them. If you are tenured, you must include in this draft a response to any of the Board’s previous recommendations. Please email Paul and copy the assistant principal to confirm that this meeting has taken place.

6. Final Draft – Submit your final draft of the Reflection & Professional Growth Plan electronically to the Chair of the Faculty Development Board and the Director of Professional Development, at least three weeks prior to your scheduled meeting with the Board. They will distribute copies of your Reflection and Plan to the Faculty Development Board and to the Assistant Principals.

7. Follow-up Meeting with the Assistant Principals — At a mutually agreeable time, you will arrange with each assistant principal a follow-up meeting. These meetings are typically scheduled during the week prior to your meeting with the Board. At this time the assistant principals will share and discuss with you their written summative evaluations.

8. FDB Meeting – These meetings are typically held on a Monday, and they generally require your presence sometime between 3:30 p.m. - 5:15 p.m. This meeting will last about 90 minutes and will result in a letter of commendations and recommendations to the Principal on your behalf. Upon receiving the Board’s letter, the Principal will write a letter responding to the Board’s commendations and recommendations, through which he will also inform you of his decision on your application for tenure or tenure renewal. You can expect to receive these letters approximately three to four weeks after your meeting with the FDB. After receiving these letters, you can arrange to meet with Paul Molinelli to answer any questions and/or assist you in addressing any of the Board’s recommendations.

Developing the Reflection & Professional Growth Plan

Below are described the essential components of the FDB Reflection & Professional Growth Plan. A complete draft of this document is typically 5-8 single-space pages in length.

I.  Reflection

A.  Overview: Write a brief narrative reflection that sets the context or backdrop for your professional experiences over the last five or six years at SI. Feel free to include the most important or relevant aspects of your professional life—your greatest challenges and your most significant achievements—as they relate to your role as a member of the St. Ignatius community, as well as your role(s) elsewhere in the broader community (e.g., family, civic, etc).

B.  Self-Assessment: Write a self-assessment of your experience and professional growth over the last six years within all three areas of the school — one section each for Academic, Co-curricular, and Spiritual Formation. For those roles that do not directly pertain to your work in one of these areas, include them in a separate “Other Service” category (e.g., hiring committees, serving on boards, etc.).

Refer to your professional growth reflections submitted annually with your Annual Portfolio. In the course of reflecting upon areas of strength and growth, please be sure to respond to the following:

  • Reflections and/or goals articulated in the Annual Portfolio, noting any patterns, trends, or themes emerging in these annual reflections of your work;
  • Progress toward any selected characteristics from the Profile of the Ignatian Educator;
  • Feedback from Student Questionnaires, particularly how these student perceptions, trends, or patterns correspond with your perceptions and other sources of feedback about your work;
  • Feedback about classroom observations or written curriculum (both collegial and administrative);
  • If tenured:
    • respond to progress toward recommendations made by the Faculty Development Board and approved by the Principal;
    • review assistant principal feedback from your last FDB;
    • respond to progress toward goals articulated in your last Professional Growth Plan.

Consider using any of the following resources or tools:

II. Professional Growth Plan

Develop a plan for your next six years at St. Ignatius. Consider taking the long view by choosing professional growth activities or service roles that will help fulfill your professional life goals while addressing the needs of the school. This plan should include academic, co-curricular, and spiritual formation goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T. goals).

Use the checklist below to plan and track your progress through the FDB process. Please know that failure to complete any one of these steps by the assigned due date can result in the cancellation of your meeting with the Board, and your meeting will NOT be rescheduled during the current academic year. After meeting with you to discuss the circumstances of this cancellation, the Principal may invite you to apply for tenure the following year. If for some unforeseeable personal reason you are unable to meet one of these deadlines, please contact Paul Molinelli as soon as possible.

FDB Process Checklist


Name:     FDB Date:  
Step Task Who When Deadline
#1 Arrange your FDB Date. PD Director ASAP  
#2 Meet with the Director of Professional Development to begin the reflection and planning process. PD Director At least 12 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
#3 Meet with your chair (or supervisor) to discuss your past experience, present and future roles, and professional growth ideas relating to your work in the department. Dept Chair At least 10 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
#4 Submit a rough draft of your Reflection and Professional Growth Plan to the Director of Professional Development. PD Director At least 8 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
#5 Meet with each of the assistant principals to discuss your self-reflection and plan ideas in each of the three areas. Send APs a rough draft of your Reflection & Professional Growth Plan prior to this meeting. AP for Academics At least 6 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
AP for Student Affairs At least 6 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
AP for Formation At least 6 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
#6 Submit a final draft of your Reflection and Professional Growth Plan to the FDB Chair and the PD Director. FDB Chair & PD Director At least 3 weeks priorto FDB meeting  
#7 Arrange for a follow-up meeting to review each AP's written summative feedback. APA, APSA,
During the week priorto your FDB meeting  
#8 Meet with the FDB. FDB __________