St. Ignatius

Faculty Development Board

Professional Growth & Review Process


The FDB Professional Growth & Review Process at St. Ignatius provides the context and means by which faculty and staff can both reflect upon and plan for their professional growth in all dimensions of school service.

At up to six-year intervals, tenured and tenure-eligible faculty submit to the Faculty Development Board a written reflection that addresses a faculty member’s progress in achieving goals set forth in previous professional growth plans, as well as a new plan for ongoing professional growth in academic, co-curricular, and spiritual formation dimensions of school life. Tenure at St. Ignatius is not available to faculty until the sixth year, is renewable, and is granted by the Principal for a maximum of six years. At his discretion, the Principal also invites directors of programs and other staff (those holding non-tenure positions) to participate in the Professional Growth and Review Process.

Role of the Board

The Faculty Development Board arranges a formal meeting with the candidate and her/his department chair or supervisor, reviews each candidate's Reflection and Professional Growth Plan, and submits its written recommendations to the Principal. In performing its role, the Board aims to do the following: 

  • affirm the excellent work of our colleagues
  • help refine, specify, and prioritize professional growth goals
  • help colleagues integrate and balance administrative feedback 
  • help colleagues explore areas of growth (untapped talents or areas of resistance) 

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