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CDRP Archive

CDRP Archive

Resources from In-services & Workshops

In-service: Preparing for Extended Periods (2/17/12)

  • In-service Slides – Examples offered by faculty as an introduction to our workday.
  • Planning Spreadsheet – The planning calendar shared by Art Cecchin. 
  • Lesson Templates – Distributed at Deb Reed's presentation last February, this packet includes sample extended-period lesson designs in English, math, science, social science, as well as a blank template.
  • Planning Lessons – Also from Deb Reed's presentation last February, this selection highlights the 21 planning decisions in developing effective lessons (from Ch. 17, The Skillful Teacher)
  • Planning Mechanics – From the resource handbook distributed at our October 2010 in-service with Louis Mangione, this selection provides examples of several critical elements and structures of effective extended-period lessons.
  • Draft Calendar for 2012-13 – A draft of next year's calendar to assist planning. Also available is this Excel version, listing school days, contact days, periods by week.

In-service: Designing Curriculum & Instruction for Extended Periods (2/22/11)

Workshop on Assessment & Grading (11/18/09)

In-service: The Curriculum Design & Review Process (10/15/09)

CDRP Overview

Faculty Presentations

Below are the slide presentations used during each of the five faculty sessions. Since they're skeletal in nature, please feel free to contact faculty to learn more about these sessions and their work in this area.

  • Social Science – PDF (Danielle Devencenzi)
  • Religious Studies – KeynotePDF (Shannon Vanderpol, Allison Willson Dudas, Mike Shaughnessy)
  • Physics – PowerPointPDF (Adrian O'Keefe)
  • Mathematics –PowerPoint (Kevin Quattrin, Mike Silvestri)
  • English – (Elizabeth Purcell)


CDRP Process Documents

  • CDRP Written Curriculum Template – Describes the essential elements of our written curriculum and includes a downloadable MS Word document for developing individual units.
  • CDRP Glossary – Defines the meanings of terms commonly used in this process.
  • CDRP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Responses to great questions that will hopefully clarify the rationale and process of CDRP.
  • CDRP Process Summary – A summary document that defines the steps, indicates the focus, provides guiding questions, and describes the written product.
  • CDRP Inventory – A self-assessment tool designed to help faculty, levels, and departments identify areas of strength and growth within the five elements or steps of CDRP.
  • CDRP Timeline – Outlines the objectives and steps leading to the creation of an Action Plan.
  • CDRP Action Plan – Used to identify areas of growth and a plan to develop those areas.
  • CDRP Action Plan Model – A sample action plan.
  • CDRP Specific Stages of Evaluation – Specific evaluation sheets for each stage or process level. Available also as individual documents per stage or level: