St. Ignatius

Accreditation Resources

Self-Study Report – Final Draft

Data Library Index

Category A Data Library: The Authenticity of the School's Catholic Identity
Category B Data Library: The Organizational Efficacy of the School
Category C Data Library: The Excellence of the Teaching & Learning 
Category D Data Library: The Vitality of the Student Support Programs
Category E Data Library: The Responsible Management of Material Resources

Data Library Sources

Data Library Documents – Contains all support documents referenced in our Data Library.
Survey Results – Contains all accreditation survey results.
Survey Comparisons – Shows survey item comparisons between our current and previous accreditation cycle.
Executive Summaries – Faculty data teams analyzed and distilled multiple data sources to produce summaries (including trends and key questions) focusing on particular areas of the school.
Home Group Reports
Student Work – Examples of student work (high-med-low) to be shared by each teacher (per course)

Integral Group Resources
E3 Process Form — To be completed by each group subsequent to every meeting.
Integral Group Members — Lists team members and integral group chairs.

Written Requirements — Below are the essential elements of the formal written product required for each integral group report:

Summary: After thorough discussion/analysis of the standards within each principle or "category" (based on the Key Questions), write a global and concise 1‐2 page summary that reflects the school’s evaluation of itself in relation to this principle with direct reference to the standards. Summary must not exceed two pages.

Identification of key strengths and critical growth areas: In bullet format, identify any key strengths and any critical growth areas within school experience in relation to these Standards. Include a brief rationale and citation of Data Library evidence in support of each identification. 

E3 Standards and Key Questions, by category — lists all key questions pertaining to each category/principle standard

Home Group Resources
Home Group Leader Responsibilities — Lists the role of the chair and the work of the home group.
Assigned Standards — Lists standards assigned to each home group.

General Resources

Accreditation Process Description — A detailed description of our accreditation process, including group responsibities & definitions of key terms.
Accreditation Process Timeline — Details our timeline for completing the self-study process.
SI Mission Statement and our Profile 2020: The Graduate at Graduation — Our current mission statement and school outcomes.
JSN Profile of the Graduate at Graduation — These characteristics and descriptors provide the outcomes of a Jesuit education and serve as the template for our own Grad at Grad.
Ensuring Educational Excellence (E3) Accreditation Manual — The complete manual describing this WCEA accreditation process and key elements of the self-study report.
WCEA/WASC 2013 Self-Study — A complete copy of our last self-study report.
Quarterly Progress Reports — Details quarterly progress on our 2013 Action Plan (Educational Improvement Plan).