Parent FAQs

We have so much information on our website that sometimes it's tough for new parents (and veteran parents as well) to find just what they need quickly and easily. This site, we hope, will help you navigate your way around the site and, ultimately, around SI. 

Send us any suggestions to help us make this page even more useful. 

Getting Started: Tuition

For more information on options for tuition, see our business office site.

Where can I find information on events?

Information on all events can be found on our calendar here.

Here are important dates for the summer and the next academic year.

Summer: (All parents) What do I need to do before the start of school?

Forms to fill out:

Incoming freshmen received the San Francisco Health Form as part of their online registration packet. This form needs to be printed, filled out and returned to the Office of the Deans by July 9. The San Francisco School Health Form has a section that needs to be completed by a doctor. Students will not be allowed to start school if this form is not received. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Katie Kohmann in the Office of the Deans at (415) 731-7500 ext. 5243. Return the completed form by July 9 to St. Ignatius College Preparatory, Office of the Deans, 2001 37th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116

Incoming Freshmen trying out for a fall sport need to have a completed Ticket to Play form submitted before August 14.  JV/Varsity athletes need it submitted before their first tryout. Send it in to the Athletics Office, or scan & email it to Marla Bottner, or FAX it to 415-682-5077. Please keep a copy of the form for your records.

A form indicating that you have read the Parent/Student Handbook form will be mailed to all parents in the middle of July. This form needs to be signed by students and parents and returned by August 1. You may mail it to the Deans' Office at SICP, 2001 37th Avenue, SF, CA 94116; you may scan and email to; or you may FAX it to 415-682-5003.


Things to do:

If you want to sign up for a CYO bus from the Peninsula or Marin, those sign ups begin June 6 at 10 a.m. and fill up fast. Learn more here.

Have your freshman student sign up for an iPad class. (See information about this in the iPad section below.)

Summer: (For freshman parents) What do I need to know before the start of the school year?

For a detailed listing of everything parents of freshmen and freshmen need to do and know before the start of school, go to our welcome page.

Freshmen will be mailed class schedules during the first week of August. 

Schedule changes for freshmen and transfer students must be approved by the student's counselor before being submitted to the Director of Scheduling. All requests must be submitted via an official Schedule Change Form, available from the counselors. Schedule changes are not handled by telephone or email. Counselors will be available on campus for this purpose beginning Monday, August 20, 2018, beginning at 9 a.m.

Families will also receive information in July about the details of freshmen orientation, which will take place Aug. 19, 2018. This is mandatory for all incoming freshmen and their parents. The day begins with a Welcome Mass. Please review the SI dress code.  Most girls wear a modest skirt or dress and boys wear khaki pants and a collared shirt. 

The day begins at 8 a.m. when parents and students check into Cowell Pavilion. (Doors will not open before 8 a.m.) At 8:30 a.m., we gather in McCullough Gymnasium for Mass. I will preside over our liturgy.

At 9:30 a.m., students will separate from their parents and head off with their InSIgnis Senior leaders to begin their day of orientation and fun. Parents then go through a series of five presentations — Academics, Campus Ministry, Co-Curricular, Counseling and Development — where they meet the school’s leaders and get a better sense of these five areas of the school.

Lunch will be provided for all students. At about 1:15 p.m., parents and students will join back together in Orradre Courtyard.

The day continues at 1:30 p.m. for those parents interested in connecting with the African American and Latino Parents Association (AALPA), which hosts a brief family welcome in the Choral Room. Also at this time, the SI Parents Asian Club (SIPAC) will host a get together in Orradre Chapel. Light refreshments will be offered at both events.  

Summer: How do I buy books & PE uniforms?

All textbooks (including paperback fiction) except for Course Readers will be sold at the SI Online Bookstore (Operated by MBS Direct).

Select your books by course and teacher. (Have your class schedule available. Freshman schedules will be mailed on August 1.)

Course Readers and PE Uniforms will be sold at the on-campus SI Bookstore.

PE uniforms will be sold during class at the beginning of each semester. The PE teachers will provide instructions and bring students to the Bookstore during class time. You may make additional purchases later during the SI Bookstore's regular hours.

Plan to make your purchases during Orientation/Registration on August 22 and 23.

For list of courses with required course readers, go to this site.

Morning: How do I get to SI via BART, CYO Bus or MUNI?

BART is available from the East Bay and Millbrae in San Mateo County.  BART offers half priced student discount tickets  that your son or daughter can buy at the SI Business Office located near the front entrance on the first floor. 

Please click here for all BART information.

There are two CYO buses that run up the Peninsula to SI and one bus running from Marin County to SI. Information will be sent home on June 1. You'll find information on cost and routes here.

MUNI bus routes run on Sunset Blvd. by SI and the L Taraval streetcar line is just two blocks away. Plot your MUNI route here.

Morning: What are the procedures for drop-off & parking?

You'll find information dropping off your child by car here.

Students who drive are required to display student permit stickers, regardless of where they park. Permits are available from the Deans Office.

Students may park in the student garage below the tennis courts to the south of campus by Rivera Street between 37th and 38th Avenues on a first-come, first-served basis. Parking is also available on 37th and 36th Avenues, except for the east side of 37th between Pacheco and Quintara, which is reserved for the faculty. 

We ask parents to remind their children

  • not to block driveways,
  • to be cognizant of street-sweeping times
  • and never to leave valuable in cars, as break-ins happen from time to time.
  • Students who drive must also pick up permit stickers from the Deans Office.

When neighbors call to complain about students blocking driveways, they know to call us first before calling towing companies. If we can match the car to the student, we can save your family hundreds of dollars in towing fees.

Morning: What do I do if my child is sick or arrives late?

When a student is absent, the student’s parent or guardian must call the Deans' Office (415-731–8571) before 9:00 a.m. The attendance office will not accept emails for an absence or tardy.  A call must be made to the attendance office.  Medical, dental or other appointments should be scheduled after school, on school holidays, or during vacation periods.

Tardy students must report to the Deans' Office.  Tardy students arriving without a note or a prior phone call from a parent may be assigned detention.  When a student is seeing a counselor during class period, he/she must report to the Deans' Office before returning to class.  Students may only be admitted to class by a note from the Deans' Office. If a student is more than 10 minutes late for a class, the student is considered absent, the student absence will be recorded, and he or she will receive detention. 

(See more here.)

School Day: How can I find information on today's schedule?

Go to this page for a listing of all calendars. Click on "Special Bell Schedules" at the start of the year and mark these on your own calendar, as we have many exceptions to the regular Bell Schedule.

School Day: What do I need to know about iPads for my student?

Beginning with the iPad Workshop and continuing with classes starting on August 25, students are required to bring their own iPad.

Our only requirement for an iPad is that it supports iOS 10.

It is our very strong recommendation that students should have either:

  • iPad Mini 3 (or newer)
  • iPad Air 2 (or newer)
  • iPad Pro (9.7 inch model)

We have found the iPad Pro 12.9” model to be more prone to damage than the smaller model, so we recommend a robust case for this model.

For more information about where to buy an iPad, insurance or recommended cases, click here.

For general information about our iPad program, click here.

School Day: How can I figure out all those passwords?

Life can get complicated for parents and students navigating the various places where you need passwords.

Learn more here about how to navigate PowerSchool (where students & parents can see grades), Naviance/FamilyConnection (for information on college applicaitons), Canvas (where students -- not parents -- can check their homework), and Finalsite (the company that manages our website).

PowerSchool for Students and Parents: Academic records, including grades and attendance, are available to students and parents via PowerSchool  Students may access their accounts via the same username and password used for their SI email accounts and network access at school. Parents will be sent instructions for establishing their access accounts in the same mailing that includes the Student Schedules (mailed in early August).

Students learn about their email passwords and network passwords via the iPad course that they will attend. 

Guest passwords to access the SI Guest Wifi Network change monthly and are not public. We provide them as they are needed. If parents need them (while doing work for the Ignatian Guild, Fathers' Club, SIPAC or AALPA), they can ask an SI employee.

School Day: What advice do counselors have for parents of freshmen?

Parents of freshmen should remember the following:


  • Think of the entire year as a transition period not just the first month or two.
  • The large amount of "newness" can create a great deal of anxiety
  • It is important to assist the student with time management (calendars, clocks, writing down passwords, organizing both digital and paper handouts)

Role of Counselor

  • An in-depth Intake meeting occurs in the fall of each semester, the second appointment is about Scheduling classes in the spring.
  • Topics generally covered to asses for the type of personal and academic support the student needs will cover school history, family dynamics, classes, cocurriculars, medical history, wellness support for self/friends.
  • Drop in and crisis counseling always available during the school day.


  • Experiencing physical and emotional changes
  • Want to "fit in" but need to start making choices, can't do it all.
  • Peers become more influential, as they individuate from parents.
  • The focus needs to be on who the student is not on what they are doing!
  • Learning that teachers are people too!

Role of Parent

  • The parenting role changes from being a manager to a cheerleader (for some kids with executive dysfunction challenges the manager role MUST cont.)
  • "You have to do this becomes / Do you need help getting the task done?"
  • Lots of reminders!
  • Encourage them to have trusted adults.


  • Clubs, sports, theater, service

Benefits of SI

  • learn time management
  • build a community
  • develop a strong connection to spiritual formation and others

Multiple modes of communication

Find more information on the counseling website.

School Day: What should I know about Campus Ministry at SI?

Freshman Spiritual Formation:

The Cura Freshmen Formation Program is rooted in the Jesuit ideal of cura personalis, care for the whole person. Cura groups welcome students and support their transition into St. Ignatius. They meet the first 45-50 minutes of their 80 minute resource periods.  Throughout freshman year, students develop a deeper sense of personal identity and communal belonging in order to grow toward the Grad at Grad.

Mass and Prayer Services:

Students have multiple opportunities to attend mass every week. Typically, we have daily mass in Jensen Chapel located in the Student Center from 7:45 to 8:10 a.m. Mondays through Thursdays.  We also host a larger mass at the end of the week in Orradre Chapel called Friday Morning Liturgy or FML. Although students groups such as teams often make a commit to attend together, our only mandatory prayer service and school liturgies are the ones held for the whole school.

Reconciliation Services

We host reconciliation services for the freshmen during Advent and Lent. These are opportunities for students to reflect on their lives and relationships. During these services, students have the opportunities to attend confession with priest if they choose.

Learn more here.

School Day: How can my student find lost valuables?

Students should first check with the Deans' office during school hours. Security collects any unclaimed valuables at the end of the school day to keep them secure.  Security is available to retrieve items at any time, even after school hours. Just call 415-624-4285.  Items such as clothing, water bottles, etc., can be found in the bin outside the Prep Shop. Please encourage your student to use their school and athletic lockers to store their valuables and install "Find My iPad/Phone" on their devices. Click here for more.

School Day: How can my student buy lunch & Prep Shop items with My School Bucks?

SI uses My School Bucks, which is a secure, convenient alternative to paying with cash. You can fund your child’s account via check credit/debit card or bank account. They will always have funds available. Once funded, your child simply waves his or her ID badge over the reader at the register. 

Go to this page to learn more about My School Bucks and how it can make your student's life so much easier.

You and your student can find out what's for lunch by looking at the Student Landing Page.

After School: Performing Arts FAQs

Q:  Can my child play a sport and participate in the performing arts. 

A - Depends - Some sports and some performing arts activities do not conflict - for other they do - you would need to check with the individual Director for a specific answer.   Usually it is best to be off season from sports to participate in the performing arts - but not always 

Q: Does my child need to have had previous experience to participate. 

A - For Instrument they do - for all other disciplines they do not need prior experience.

Q: Do freshmen get cast in Performing Arts activities.

A - Yes; however, we do not have a frosh level - they will be competing with students from all classes

Q: Are there cuts in Performing arts

A - For  Choral, Drama, Dance and Tech Theatre there are no cuts.  For Instrumental - you need prior experience with an instrument

Q: What can a student expect as far as a time commitment when participating in a performing art?

A: It depends on the activity, as well as the size of the role that the student is cast in. It can range anywhere from 2 hours a week to 20 hours a week during a tech week.

Q: When are auditions for the various performing arts programs?

A: Auditions for Freshmen are during the first week of regular classes.  Check announcements and the website for additional information.  There is an informational meeting the first Friday after school in Bannan Theatre.

Find more information here.

After School: What sports are played when and when do practices begin?

Fall sports for girls include cross country, golf, tennis, water polo, field hockey and volleyball.

Fall sports for boys include cross country, football and water polo. 

Go to the athletics website for more information or contact Athletic Director John Mulkerrins.

Start Dates For Fall Sport Tryouts will begin on Friday, August 4 for JV/V teams and August 9 for Freshmen teams.  Some athletic program tryouts might begin later then 8/9 but this date is the allowable start date by section rules.

Winter sports include boys' & girls' basketball and soccer.

Tryouts for Winter Sports will begin on October 30, 2019.

Practices for all levels typically begin at the very end of October. (Oct. 31 for 2016)

Spring sports for girls include lacrosse, swimming & diving, crew, softball, and track & field.

Spring sports for boys include baseball, lacrosse, swimming & diving, crew, tennis, track & field, golf and volleyball.

Practice for spring sports will begin on Jan. 29, 2019.

After School: What do students need to know to try out for a team?

Q. What forms do I need to tryout?

A. A completed Ticket-To-Play Medical Clearance Form. This is a California State Law and needs to be completed each year. This form should be completed by a doctor, a copy made for your files, and either mailed in to the SI Athletic Department or hand-delivered to the coach at the first day of tryouts. Please note that for this athletic season, freshman will need to begin their Fall tryouts 2 weeks before the first day of classes so those forms must be ready to be turned in on August 12.

Q. How many tryout days will I get?

Freshman: All freshman receive 3 days of tryouts in their first choice sport. Freshmen will get up to 3 days of tryouts if they go out for a second sport in the same season.

JV/Varsity: All JV and Varsity teams get at approximately 3 days of tryouts.

Q. Can I tryout for more than 1 sport in a season?

A. Yes. You can tryout for another sport if you do not make your first choice sport.

Q. Can I play 2 sports in the same season?

A. Although our league rules state an athlete can, SI does not allow an athlete to play 2 sports in the same season.

Q. Can I play a club sport while playing a sport for SI?

A. Each program handles this question differently. Some of our programs will allow you to play a club sport during the high school season and some programs will not allow you to play both. However, the CIF does not allow an athlete to play the same sport in the same season. For example, you might be able to play club volleyball during the high school basketball season but you cannot play club volleyball during the high school volleyball season. Individual sports such as tennis, golf, swimming and track & field, and the team sport of soccer have specific rules where you can play both but there are certain restrictions for each sport -- please contact the Athletic Director for these specific rulings. It is important to note that if an athlete plays a club sportw while playing a sport for SI, the school practice and game are always the priority over the club commitment.

Q. Can my son or daughter play JV or Varsity?

A. Yes. There are times when a freshman can compete at a higher level. We take these call-ups very seriously and go through a “move-up” process. We let the coach make that decision at try-outs if a freshman can play at the JV or Varsity level.

Q. Can my freshman son or daughter workout with the team in the off-season?

A. No. Our athletic department policy does not allow a freshman to workout with a specific off-season program. This policy allows freshmen to feel like they can participate in multiple sports.

Q. Can my freshman son or daughter play with the high school program in the summer before the first day of school?

A. No. Our West Catholic Athletic League policy states that freshmen are not allowed to participate on high school teams until the Fall start date or the first day of school.

Q. What is the minimum GPA for an athlete to participate?

A. The minimum GPA requirement is a 2.0.

After School: What happens after my student makes a team?

Q. Does SI practice at off-campus sites?

A. Yes, we practice at multiple sites. We use Fairmont Field (Field Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and Softball) in Pacifica, Marchbank Park (Baseball) in Daly City, Gellert Field (Soccer and Lacrosse) in Daly City, and some rec fields in San Francisco.

Q. How will my son/daughter get there?

A. We provide school transportation to and from these locations for all Freshman and JV teams. Varsity team members, who have a valid California Driver’s License may drive themselves to these sites. On practice days, the return practice bus will arrive at SI before the 6 p.m. Peninsula and Marin buses depart.

Q. How will my son/daughter get to away games all the way in San Jose?

A. We provide school transportation for all games. These buses are not guaranteed to get back to school in time before the Peninsula and Marin buses depart.

Q. Can I pick my child up after the game and go home?

A. Many of our programs will allow you to take your child home after a contest. You will need to touch base with that coach and communicate that pick up information with him/her. For example, if we were to play a game in the East Bay, it would make sense for the East Bay family to pick up their son/daughter instead of going back to SI to be picked up and brought home. It is important to note that communication is vital by the family to the coach regarding these type of pick ups. There will also be sometimes when our coaches will ask all the team members to ride back in the bus as this is a team bonding moment as well.

Q. Can I speak to the coach about the type of offense/defense the program runs?

A. No, a parent is not allowed to discuss three things with a coach:

  1. Decisions regarding which athletes make or do not make a team
  2. Playing time
  3. Team strategy and play calling

Q. What can I talk to a coach about?

A. You may talk to a coach anytime there are concerns about the following:

  1. the treatment of a son or daughter
  2. about a son’s or daughter’s behavior

If you want to meet with a coach, please make an appointment if you have any of the above concerns.

Q. Can our family vacation during the season?

A. Each athletic program produces a season syllabus which states the expectations of attendance for the season. In general, the expectation is that each member of the team will be at every practice and game. However, there are excused absences such as illness, meetings with a teacher/counselor, or a conflict with another SI event. Athletes generally practice during the school holidays and often times on the holidays themselves. There are always exceptions to the rules like a family reunion or wedding. If an athlete does travel during the season, the coach will not punish the athlete who missed the team events. He/she would reward those athletes who were in attendance. For example, if the starting point guard of the basketball team went away for 7 days during Christmas vacation while the team practiced, that guard would have to earn his/her time back at practice before playing in a game.

Throughout the Year: Where can I find resources about applying to college?

The best place to start is for your child to speak with his or her college counselor and for you to peruse the information on the counseling website here.

if you have questions about Naviance/FamilyConnection, please refer them to the counseling department chair Michelle Levine.

Throughout the Year: What do I need to know about SI's Community Service Program?

The SI Community Service graduation requirement is a minimum of 100 hours working with non-profit agencies. This graduation requirement must be completed on Registration Day of their senior year, and begins the first day of class their Freshmen year.

The requirement includes a Core Project that is a minimum of 40 hours with the same agency that serves an under-served part of the community and involves direct service. The Core Journal allows the student to reflect deeply on the service completed and is part of the graduation requirement.

The Community Service Office holds regular office hours and is located in the Student Center. The staff is available to work closely with students who are looking for agencies to get started with. Students can also submit the hours and apply for their Core Project digitally. Please encourage your daughter or son to take the initiative and responsibility on this SI experience.

Learn more here.

Throughout the Year: How can I support SI's Parent Annual Giving Fund?

SI distributes around $4.6 million each year to nearly a quarter of the student body in financial assistance. We can't do that without the help of our alumni and parent benefactors. Please review the Parent Annual Giving Fund here to see how you can help.

Throughout the Year: Where and when can I buy SI gear through the Prep Shops?

You can buy SI branded items from our online Prep Shop here or from the Campus Prep Shop run by the Ignatian Guild.

The Campus Prep Shop is located in the student center. Check the bookstore website for those hours.

The SI Prep Shop and the Campus Prep Shop are two different entities and don’t carry each other’s merchandise. Profits from both stores go to the SI Scholarship Fund. 

Members of the Guild also sell items during football games, first day of summer school, Back to School Night, International Food Faire, Fall Auction Marketplace, Grandparent's Day, Holiday Tea, alumni events and select special parent events. 

Throughout the Year: How can I join a parent club?

The Ignatian Guild welcomes all mothers of students and graduates. Please click the link to read about the Ignatian Guild and its many events/activities. Join today!

Read about the Fathers' Club here and its many events/activities. Join today!

In addition, parents of Asian Students welcome you to join SIPAC, and parents of African American and Latino Students welcome you to join AAPLA. (Please also join the Fathers' Club & Ignatian Guild too!)

We even have a club for grandparents of students. Invite them to join here or sign up for them.

Throughout the Year: What is the SI Dress code?

Throughout the Year: Where do I get a parking permit, work permit or dance guest pass?

You can obtain these at the Deans' Office.

Throughout the Year: How do I order a transcript?

For an official transcript, fill out this form.

For unofficial transcripts or for educational verifications, please contact Maria Balestrieri.

Throughout the Year: Where do I get photos that I ordered from events, such as dances?

You can pick these up at the Student Affairs Office.