Work-Study Program

El Programa de Trabajo y Estudio

The SI Work-Study Program expects sophomores receiving financial assistance or who received assistance as freshmen to work and complete 30 service hours at one of a number of jobs around campus. Even though most students get financial assistance throughout their entire four years at SI, only sophomores are asked for this commitment. In doing so, they recognize SI’s many benefactors whose generosity makes financial assistance possible. -

Every effort is made to match students with supervisors (SI teachers, coaches, counselors, and staff members) to ensure that the resulting work schedule does not conflict with other activities. Often, a student is simply assigned to a supervisor who will be very flexible in scheduling times before, during, or after school, to accommodate the wide variety of needs around campus. Accommodation is the norm.

Here are some of the jobs around campus where students have completed their commitment in the past:

  • Managers, timekeepers, scorekeepers, statisticians, and trainers.
  • Library and Office assistants, Teaching assistants, Counseling Office, etc.
  • Special Events — the Presidents’ Cabinet Dinner in October, the Fashion Show in November, the Auction in March, and the International Food Faire in May — all need student workers typically for Saturdays and Sundays from midmorning until late afternoon.
  • SI Press Corp, Summer Program teaching assistants, chaperones, etc.

If your son/daughter is interested in completing Summer Bookstore hours in August, they should email or see Theresa Bayze as soon as possible. She will contact your son/daughter again through their SI email, and she will also have a booth during the Activity Fair in September where they can sign-up and/or view their placement.

Contact Financial Assistance Program Manager Theresa Bayze with any questions.