St. Ignatius

Arrupe Assistance Program

All students receiving financial assistance qualify to participate in the Arrupe Assistance Program which helps with costs other than tuition. Discounts available to students are based upon the amount of assistance they are receiving. Funds are discretionary based upon 'ordinary' and 'extraordinary' participation in daily student life.

Jon Sobrino Scholars

Recipients of $15,000 or more in Financial Assistance*

Academic Discounts Available
  • Free AP Tests
  • No Academic Class Fees
  • 50% Off Summer School Class Fees
  • 2 Complimentary CSU applications
  • SAT/ACT fee waivers, including unlimited free test score reports


  • $100 Credit for Mandatory Gear
  • 75% Off Add-on Fees (Including Travel)
  • 25% Off Summer League Fees
  • 50% Off Prom Ticket
  • 3 Complimentary Tickets to Awards Banquets


  • Textbook Exchange Program
  • $500 of MySchoolBucks each year
  • Incoming Freshman iPad Program
  • Discount Tickets to all SI Adult Community Events

Mateo Ricci Scholars

Recipients of $14,999 or less in Financial Assistance

Discounts Available

Academic Discounts Available
  • Reduced AP Test Fees
  • Reduced Academic Class Fees


  • $75 Credit for Mandatory Gear
  • Discounted Add-on Fees (Including Travel)


* Families with more than one student at SI who receive $25,000 or more in financial assistance are eligible for the Sobrino discounts.