St. Ignatius

Guiding Principles for Families Seeking Financial Aid

The purpose of our financial assistance program is to provide monetary assistance to those qualified students who cannot afford the cost of attending our Jesuit, Catholic, and college preparatory school. We also recognize that each family bears the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education costs. To help you through this process, we offer these guiding principles, which are designed to help us partner with you in this process. These principles also reflect our commitment to equity and fairness as we embrace the collaborative nature of the financial aid process, one that we hope will yield the best result for our families and for our school.

  1. The family seeks to apply for aid only after it has determined its own resources are insufficient to cover school costs and has exhausted the potential resources and options available to it.
  2. The family is proactive in seeking information and answers to questions related to the financial aid process directly from the school.
  3. The family is open and honest when completing the financial aid application and when providing any supporting documentation.
  4. The family adheres to school deadlines and documentation submission requirements.
  5. The family submits true and accurate tax-related documentation, such as the 1040, etc.
  6. The family promptly responds to school requests for additional information to support the application.
  7. The family understands that the school is not obligated to provide financial assistance, even if the family shows eligibility for it.
  8. The family is respectful in communications with the school’s financial aid staff and administrators.
  9. The family uses school-established channels for appealing a financial aid decision.
  10. The family is discreet about disclosing its financial aid outcomes.
  11. The family respects the privacy of other families who choose not to disclose their financial aid details or outcomes.
  12. The family works to the best of its ability to arrange its financial resources to pay any determined family contribution in the timeline prescribed by the school.