St. Ignatius

Frequently asked Questions Regarding Financial Assistance

The decision of private education is an important one. The cost of private education from kindergarten through college is a major factor in this decision for many families in the Bay Area.

At St. Ignatius College Preparatory, we are fortunate to benefit from the generosity of our benefactors to offer financial assistance to students and families in need. Below is a sampling of the typical questions surrounding this process. If you should have further questions, feel free to contact either Gus Gomozias in the Business Office or Sr. Sharon Brannen in the Financial Assistance Program Office. Thank you for considering SI. We know you have a number of schools to choose from for your child’s education.

How is Financial Assistance handled at St. Ignatius?
All students accepted to SI are equally deserving of the opportunity to join our community.  Financial assistance is granted to families based on economic need, not academic or co-curricular merit.  This allows us to use our available funding in an equitable and inclusive manner, valuing the unique contributions of a diverse student body.  We use the TADs financial assistance application platform to help us determine an applicants ability to contribute financially towards their students' education, and offer tuition assistance as needed.

Who can apply for financial assistance?
All families who have a student at St. Ignatius are eligible to apply for financial assistance.

When is the completed TADS application due?
The following information is due on January 31, 2022:

  • Completed Federal Tax Returns for 2020 (personal and business)
  • 2021 W-2’s from each household member
  • January 2022 pay stubs from each household member
  • Completed Federal Tax Returns for 2021 (personal and business) by April 31, 2022

What is the total amount of financial assistance available? What is the average grant?
For the 2020-2021 academic year, the school distributed $5.6 million to 26% of the student population. The average grant was $14,000 per student. 

Are there any additional responsibilities for students if they are awarded financial assistance?
Students who receive financial assistance are also invited to participate in our Magis High School program, and may be offered academic assistance and other social support.  These students do not "owe" SI anything in return for financial assistance, but are expected to take advantage of every opportunity to thrive as a member of our community.

We have a child in college. How does the school treat that expense?
While the financial assistance committee realizes the challenges and costs associated with a college education, it keeps college age children out of the direct evaluation. The college process also has a financial assistance as well as grant and loan processes that parents can access for assistance.

Who grants the money TADS, or SI?
All dollars committed to students come from the St. Ignatius endowment, and only go to offset tuition. TADS is a guide for the school committee and provides St. Ignatius with a summarized report.  The information is reviewed by our Financial Assistance Committee and matched with the amount of funding we have available.

What is the Arrupe Assistance Program?
The complete “SI experience” includes additional out-of-pocket expenses associated with full participation in student life at the school.   The Arrupe Assistance Program, named after the long time General Superior of the Jesuits, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ, offers subsidies and discounts for on-campus dining, books, classroom materials, co-curricular and athletic costs.  The specific benefits depend on a student's level of tuition assistance.

Financial Assistance Appeals
If you are a current student at St. Ignatius and would like to file an appeal for your 2021-2022 tuition assistance award, please click here.