St. Ignatius

Rescheduled: Summer 2019 Design Thinking Workshop for Educators

Yes, summer is here. It is a well deserved time to rest and reflect.  And while the year is still fresh...

Remember that one time the past school year when that lesson just did not work; the one that makes you cringe to this day?

We may have something that can help.

Design thinking is a tool/mindset/process that can help advance your practice as a teacher and assist in forming our students so they can solve the challenges of our time.

When: Contact Jen Gaspar-Santos ( for more information about the rescheduled date.

Cost: $25 per attendee

What will I gain by attending?
Teachers will learn from two Design Fellow teachers (Darius White and Yosup Joo) who incorporated design thinking into their english and psychology classes, respectively.  You will learn from their hard-earned experiences the need-to-know principles, moves, and preparation in order to implement design thinking next week in your class.  Oops, that’s right.  It’s summer.  Make that next year.

What is the Design Fellows Program at St. Ignatius?
Guided by ISTE's Innovative Designer Standards, the Design Fellowship was created at St. Ignatius for faculty who were curious about exploring the overlaps of design and teaching. These design fellows were teachers who wanted to:

  • expand their comfort level with the process of design
  • learn ways to integrate the practice of design in their classroom
  • connect design to a real world scenario in their teaching
  • create student-focused lessons around design and be able to measure effective outcomes from those lessons

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