St. Ignatius

Students' Dress Code

SI Administration believes that consistency and dignity in personal appearance are key elements to an effective dress code and are important to a student’s preparation to learn. The purpose of a dress code is

  • To ensure an effective educational environment, focused mainly on learning,
  • To maintain favorable school representation and promote a consistent, positive, and dignified image to the greater community.
  • To assist students in developing pride, unity, and self-respect.

It is the student’s responsibility, supported by the parents, to see that they leave home in the proper attire for school and school-sponsored activities.  The enforcement of the dress code is the responsibility of all Faculty members. The Deans have the authority to call a student’s parents to pick up a student who is improperly dressed or to have the parent bring appropriate clothes to the Deans’ Office. Offenders of the dress code will be given detention.  Consistent offenders will receive a call to parents/guardians.  Subsequent detentions for dress code violations may result in suspension and/or disciplinary probation.  The Administration reserves the right to make individual determinations affecting dress code policy.

Shirts—Students may wear one of two types of shirts: polo shirts or collared, button-down shirts.  Polo shirts may be of any color or design, with sleeves of any length, with at least 2 buttons and no more than 4 buttons and that fit loosely and fall to the waistband of the pants and/or skirts.  Button-down shirts must have a collar and must be buttoned.  All SI team and club polo shirts are acceptable.  Sleeveless shirts are not acceptable. Any shirts that represent drug, alcohol and/or tobacco products, or other unacceptable organizations are not acceptable. 

Pants/Shorts—All pants must be clean, neat and properly fitting.  Excessively tight-fitting pants or loose pants are not appropriate for school attire and may not be worn. Blue jeans are not permitted; pants that have writing on any part of them are not permitted; athletic pants, wind pants, sweat pants, workout pants, yoga pants, and pajama pants are not allowed; additionally, pants/shorts made out of velour, flannel, fleece, and silk fabrics are not allowed.  Leggings may only be worn under skirts or dresses. All pants, shorts, and cropped pants must fall to the knee.  Athletic shorts are not allowed.

Outerwear—Any type of sweatshirt and sweater is allowed. Logos, designs, etc., that represent drug, alcohol and/or tobacco products or other unacceptable organizations are inappropriate and violate school policy.  Sweatshirt hoods may not cover the head while indoors.  

Skirts and Dresses—Skirts of any color or pattern may be worn with an approved shirt.  Skirts/dresses that are too tight or that do not fall to the knee are not acceptable attire for school.  Dresses may be worn at any time as long as they are modest in their design; they should possess no plunging necklines/backs, and they must have sleeves or be worn with a covering that has sleeves.  Excessive slits, sheer fabrics, blue denim, and tight-fitting skirts or dresses are inappropriate for school and may not be worn.  Dresses or skirts that are worn over tights or leggings must fall to the knee.  Fishnet and lace stockings are not allowed.

Footwear —Shoes must be worn at all times.

Hair— Distracting hairstyles are inappropriate, and students will be asked to wear a hairstyle appropriate for the school setting.  Inappropriate hairstyles will be left to the discretion of the Deans.  Unnatural coloring, streaking, bleaching, dying, or highlighting that is considered distracting is inappropriate for school.  Facial hair is not allowed.  Unshaven students will be asked to shave and may be assigned detention.

Head Gear—Hats, caps, hoods, visors, scarves, and sports headbands are not allowed to be worn in the school buildings, before, during or after school.  Students in violation of this policy may have the head covering confiscated.  It is important to understand this policy provides the ability of faculty, staff, and security to identify those persons who are not an SI community member and might be trespassing or posing as a student.

Jewelry—Excessive jewelry is not allowed.  Multiple body piercing sites are distracting.  Nose, tongue, lip, navel and eyebrow rings are not allowed.  Gauge earrings are not allowed. Jewelry that interferes with classroom performance and behavior is not allowed.  Students who violate this rule will be asked to remove the excess jewelry.  Detention may be assigned.

Make-up—Excessive or distracting make-up is unacceptable.  Students may be asked to remove the excessive or distracting make-up.

No visible permanent tattoos.

Free Dress Code

Any categories not specifically delineated below indicate that the regular Dress Code policy still applies on free dress days.  Furthermore, these guidelines also apply when wearing costumes for days such as Halloween, or themed free dress days such as Spirit Days and the like.

SI Pride wear must include clearly visible SI branded attire and additionally:

Shirts--All shirts must fit properly and fall to the waistband. T-shirts are acceptable on SI Pride / free dress days.  Tank tops, spaghetti straps, and plunging necklines are not acceptable.

Pants/Jeans/Shorts/Skirts/Dresses--Jeans, blue denim, and loose fitting sweats may be worn on SI Pride / free dress days.

Stretch pants, leggings, yoga pants, and modestly distressed pants are allowed only on SI Pride / free dress days.

The headgear policy does not change on free dress days, unless it is a themed free dress day and the headgear is part of the outfit or costume.

Students may wear school sponsored team attire on specified game days.

Please Note: All of the above must be clean, neat, and properly fitting.

Inappropriate representations will not be tolerated on any part of your clothing.

These are the only differences permitted during free dress days at school.  Any student who deviates from these added guidelines, or the regular Student Dress Code Policy, on free dress days will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. 

Dress Up Attire for Semi-Formal/Formal Events 

Students may wear dress pants, shirt and tie, and dress shoes.  Cargo pants, shorts and jeans are not acceptable.  Shirts must be tucked in.  

Students may wear dresses that are modest in appearance and are at an acceptable length falling to the knee.  No plunging necklines or backs are allowed.  Dressy pants and skirts may be worn with an appropriate blouse or sweater. Skirts may be worn as long as they fall to the knee.  

Sleeveless, sheer and short, tight-fitting polo shirts/sweaters/blouses and or dresses are inappropriate and should not be worn.   

Students who choose to violate the dress code may be asked to have the appropriate items brought to school by their parents before they will be allowed to participate in the event, and detention will be assigned for the offense.

Dress Code for School Events and non-formal Dances  

It is the student’s responsibility, supported by their parents, that they dress in the  proper attire for all  school-sponsored activities. The Deans reserve the right to make individual determinations affecting the inappropriate or distracting attire.