Office of the Deans

  • Absence –  When a student is absent, the student’s parent or guardian must call the Deans' Office before 9:00 a.m. The attendance office will not accept emails for an absence or tardy.
  • Telephone: (415) 731-8571
  • Fax: (415) 682-5003 

Student/Parent Handbook

Other reminders:

  • Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Parents: Click here for the beginning of the year school dates including registration times for continuing students.  Please do not ask for exemptions.
  • Freshman parents: Please note that the health vaccination forms you received in your class of 2022 online welcome packet must be returned to the Office of the Deans before July 1, 2018.
  •  Please see below for the beginning of the year school dates including Freshman Orientation and registration times. Please do not ask for exemptions.

Thank you for your cooperation on the above matters. We are all looking forward to a successful and exciting school year. 

Ms. Tasia Davis
Deans of Students  
Mr. William M. Gotch