Types of Applications

Common Application

This is a ‘general’ application which was created as an option for colleges that want to provide students with a
more streamlined option for applying to colleges. Now online, students go to www.commonapp.org and create an account, fill out one ‘Common’ application and
submit it to each of the participating colleges on their list.

In addition to the application, many of the (450+) participating colleges also require a brief ‘supplement’ that is unique to their school. A supplement could include anything from an additional essay or short answer question to providing basic information. All
supplements may be viewed and organized on the Common Application website.

After more than 30 years, the Common Application is widely accepted by more than 450 public/private colleges and universities across the United States.

UC Application

The UC (University of California - public university) application will be available beginning October 1st and is due by November 30th.  Students can begin to submit their UC application on November 1st. 

One application for all the nine UC undergraduate campuses.

Application is entirely self reported. To fill out application, students will need their:

unofficial transcript, A-G Course List, Standardized Test Scores [SAT/ACT plus Writing, AP scores and dates, SAT Subject Tests (optional pending on major)]

Family Connection Resume with all their activities and accomplishments from 9th through 12th grade with action verb statements.

Note:  official test scores must be sent to the UC campus from the Collegeboard or ACT. Last acceptable test date is December of the filing year.  

Personal Statement is required – a total of 1000 words.


UC system recommends students to apply to at least 4 UC campuses, but with a variety of selectivity.

No letter of recommendation required except for scholarships or if requested.

CSU Application

The CSU Regular Decision Applications are also due November 30th, but students can begin submitting their application on October 1st. It is a self-reported application and an application must be submitted to each CSU campus (information is copied after the first one is submitted).

Cal Poly SLO Early Decision Deadline is October 31st.

Students can use their CA High School Planner (available throughout the year) information to be transfer to the CSU application by logging into CSU Mentor and using the same username and password.

The CSU application is also self reported. It requires only
the SAT (Critical Reading and Math only) or ACT.

Note:  official test scores must be sent to each CSU campus from the Collegeboard or ACT (check information about ACT Manager). Last acceptable test date varies with each CSU campus - earliest acceptable test date is October for several highly selective campuses. Please check with each CSU campus you are applying to.

Once application is submitted please check your student portal for application status, document requirements and other imperative information.

EOP Application

Students who are first generation college bound (both biological mother and father do not have a bachelor's degree) AND who meet the income ceiling requirement can apply for the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) at each of the CSU campus. 

EOP provides students a great support program in varies ways:

*Additional financial aid support

*Assigned EOP Counselor to guide the student each semester

*Free tutoring

*Summer Bridge Program (help students to get ahead of their course work over the summer for free)

*Priority registration for classes

Students can access the EOP application on CSUMentor and will need two letter of recommendations, demographic information and a statement about the student's motivation and use of resources. 

Deadlines vary and the program is limited and competitive.  It is recommended for students to submit it as early as November/December for each CSU campus.  Applications are available as soon as a CSU application is submitted.

UC systems also offer the EOP program, but no additional application is required.  

College Specific Application

Public universities such as the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU), some
private colleges such as Georgetown University and the
Community Colleges each have their own unique application, created by the University/College representatives.

Fast Track Application

If receive any applications via mail or email, that are explained as “special or Fast track” please see you College Counselor before you start them.

Application Deadlines

All college admission offices have established the last date any applicant may submit an application to be considered for admission. The exception is those colleges that have ‘rolling’ admission—which means that there is no final deadline. Colleges with rolling admission accept applicants until they have filled
their in coming freshman class. Regardless of a specific deadline or rolling admission policy, always plan to submit your applications ahead of time. Students who stay organized and plan ahead to complete each step of the application process in a timely manner should set a personal deadline which is at least two weeks ahead of
the college deadline.

Always keep track of deadlines. Use your google calendar or make a list of required application materials which includes the deadline. Your SI College Counselor will have many ideas on how you can stay organized. Ask for help if needed.