I've been accepted

Now What?

Check out: Best College You Have Not Considered by the NY Times.com

Next steps...

Once acceptances arrive, you may want to visit the school or
schools one more time.

Examine the college's culture, services, support and environment to make sure it is "best fit."  Follow the campus' social media accounts and see what other college students are posting.

Double depositing is a BIG NO NO. It is an unethical decision
and it affects OTHER students acceptances and well as the reputation of SI.  The national deadline to register for a college is May 1st.  Student Intention of Registration (SIR) is a firm date for all colleges to hold an admission spot for a student in college. 

  • Read all College acceptances and the conditions of acceptance carefully.
  • Be especially careful about reading the financial aid offer from each college; compare grants, loans, etc. from each college.
  • Update your Acceptances, Waitlists and Denials in Family Connection / Naviance Student.
  • Have all information in hand before making any decisions.
  • Send Student Aid Report (SAR) to the college you’re attending.
  • Indicate which college you will be attending in Family Connection / Naviance Student.
  • Send a Thank You Note to each person who wrote a recommendation on your behalf.
  • Watch the mail/email/college portal for College registration, housing, orientation information and other requirements for your future campus.
  • Write thank you letters for any scholarships received, or any form of assistance that went ‘above and beyond’ in support of your application.
  • Final transcripts will be submitted by SI when students have completed their Senior College Exit Survey, listed their college their attending, scholarships received and admission decisions all in Family Connection / Naviance Student.

NOTE:  If you were wait listed, colleges do have deadlines to agree if a student wants to remain on the wait list.  However, students should not expect to get off the wait list before May 1st prior to the SIR deadline.  Only a small percentage of students get off the wait list if any.  Wait list should only be a back up plan, never a first choice.