AP Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) tests are meant to validate a student's knowledge base of a college level course.  Testings allows colleges to know the depth of learning that has taken place for a student in the course and to potentially grant the student college credit and/or placement in an advanced classes in their freshmen year of college.  They may also be used by college admissions as criteria to determine strength of a student's schedule and academic rigor for the student.

How Many Advanced Placement Tests?

Not all students at SI take AP exams; however, all students enrolled in an AP Course are required to take corresponding AP exam at the end of the school year (May). If students feel they are competent in a subject area they can also take the exam without being in an AP course like AP English Language & Composition and other AP exams.  To view sample AP exams to verify your knowledge on various subject matters at www.apcentral.collegeboard.org.  

Registering to Take Advanced Placement Tests

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