The College Process

The first place to start is to have a basic understanding of the roles of the Student, Parents/Guardians and the SI College Counselor. Maintaining regular communication so that information is shared effectively is the primary key to success. Stay positive. Throughout this process you will continue to change and your opinions will evolve. Some of the factors you thought were essential to have in a college may be different than what you want from a college now. Take each discovery in stride, listen to the advice offered to you – write it down to reflect on it later if that helps, keep peer pressure at bay, and remember: remain open to schools that meet your criteria for ‘the right fit’. In other words, be yourself. Parents and other adults in your life can provide a significant source of encouragement and support. In this exciting time, having someone to offer perspective and general assistance can make all the difference for a successful experience.

The SI College Counselor is uniquely qualified to offer guidelines, listen to concerns, answer questions and ensure that there is a good mix of colleges representing a variety of realistic options on your college list.

Exploring Colleges

The SI College Counseling Department has created a series of steps intended to help you successfully navigate and personalize your college process. Click on the hyperlinks below to start exploring.