Sophomore Timeline

The following timeline was created to provide a big picture of sophomore year. Personal/Academic Counselors will meet with their sophomores individually at least once a semester.  Counselors will schedule sophomores for these meetings throughout the fall and spring and students are welcome to drop in anytime to see their counselors. College Counselors will also begin to meet with students in a group setting. 


  • Remember to eat well, exercise and sleep!
  • Don’t forget to spend quality time with yourself, friends and family
  • Continue to utilize all your resources during Resource Periods, at the Learning Center, with teachers and with online support.
  • GET INVOLVED!!! Check out programs!
  • Connect with your counselor(s) and communicate with your teachers regularly
  • Follow us on Twitter @SICounseling



  • Complete summer reading assignments
  • Search for scholarships to apply for during sophomore year
  • Get involved in school and with other programs!



  • Sophomores will be taking the PreACT.
  • Sophomore X Period with Personal/Academic Counselors
  • Sophomore Parent Night – overview of sophomore year with Personal/Academic Counselors



Continue to update your resume on Family Connection.


  • Finals exams (mid December)
  • Enjoy PDF (personal, down, family) time 


  • Sophomores X Period to review PreACT results
  • Sophomores will have individual meeting with Personal/Academic Counselor during second semester.
  • Update resume on Family Connection
  • Research and begin applying to summer enrichment programs (competitive programs and scholarship deadlines begin in January)
  • Create scholarship profiles like on Fastweb or


  • Sophomore Parent Night with College Counselors
    • Students who illustrate strength in World History and/or Chemistry should consider looking into taking the Subject exam
    • It is an option for students to sign up at SI for the AP World History exam.  Check with instructor for recommendations.
  • Sophomores X Period with Personal/Academic Counselors to discuss course selections for junior year 
  • Course selection are due, must be signed by student and parent and approved by counselor.


  • College Night at SI (sophomore parents are invited to attend)
  • Have you searched or applied for scholarship like Fastweb or  Check with your College Counselor for more resources.
  • Begin to explore summer options – internships, academic enrichment programs and camps.  Check with College Counselor for recommendations.
  • Use tools like Bigfuture and others to explore colleges
  • Parent/Guardian(s) should explore college financial aid options via Net Price Calculator 



  • Sophomore X Period with College Counselors to discuss career exploration & Family Connection
  • Keep updating your resume 
  • Don't forget to follow us @SICounseling
  • Final Exams
  • Prepare to have an awesome summer as a rising junior