Tips for Freshman Students

Here are some tips as you begin your freshman year at SI:

Get Involved

Take advantage of a SI activity either athletics, performing arts, campus ministry or clubs. It takes time to find a good fit - so be patient with yourself.  It is important to try new activities espeically if you do not make a team.

Check out SI's Clubs and Activities.

Learn the Layout of the School

walk around the campus to embrace SI as your own campus.

Communication with your teachers

Learn about good communicaiton skills with your teachers (in person, email).

Social Media

Learn the Do's/Don'ts of social media and how to manage your time on Facebook. 

Tips available at Common Sense Media.

Student Rights

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a student at SI. 

Student Handbook

Dress Code

Have a buttoned-down shirt on hand in your locker at all times and understand the dress code in the Student Handbook. 



Learn the name of fellow classmates and get a number of students you can contact in each class.

Online Resources

Familiarize yourself with the SI website, Canvas, Google e-mail and iPad. 


Google SI Email


Be yourself and enjoy your experience as a freshmen. Stay BALANCED.

More Resources

Check out this article for more assistance here - you can always connect with your Personal Academic Counselor and/or a responsible adult


Charge your iPad every night.  Bring your Ipad to school every day.  Limit your time on social media and games.

PDF (Personal, Down, Family) Time

Make time for yourself (cell phones off, media off and reconnect with yourself).  Make time to just "chill" and give yourself movements to take deep breaths.  Make time with your family, they are the key to your foundation whether it is just to talk at dinner time, go for a walk or make it game night at home.