Freshman Timeline

The following timeline was created to provide a big picture of freshman year. Personal/Academic Counselors will meet with their freshmen individually at least once a semester. Counselors will schedule freshmen for these meetings throughout the Fall & Spring. Students are always welcome to drop in to see their counselors. Freshmen will also be meeting in small “Cura Freshmen Formation Groups” throughout the year to help them transition to life at St. Ignatius. The Counseling Department will host a parent series with outside speakers on various topics throughout the year.



Mandatory Freshmen Parent & Student Orientation


Personal Academic Counselors begin meeting with students to discuss:

*Transition to SI * Staying Organized * Communication/Self-Advocacy * Involvement * Course State Reports * Midterm Exams

*Course Status Reports for first quareter are posted online - parents will be emailed instructions.

*Personal Academic Counselors begin to meet with Freshmen during X period


Freshmen Parent Night with Personal Academic Counselors

Midterm Exams

All Freshmen are encouraged to complete Learning Style Inventory in Family Connection



*Course Status Reports for second quarter are posted online.

*Thanksgiving Break

 *Begin preparing for final exams - utilize results from Learning Style Inventory in Family Connection


*Final Exams

*Christmas Break


*School Resumes

*Semester grades are posted online (these grades are cumulated into the overall grade point average)

X period meeting will occur during this month

Attend the SI Annual Enrichment Fair, start planning for your summer programs


*Application month for AP and Honor classes in:  English, math, language, science and history.  Applications are available in each student's classroom.  See classroom for specific deadline.

*Course Status Reports for third quarter posted online.

*X period meeting on course selection process


*Midterm Exams

*Quarter Break

*Course selection forms are due 


*Course Status for fourth quarter are posted online.

*Begin organizing and collecting study guides for finals in May

*Check in with the Community Service & Social Justice Office about your service hours and forms (100 hours required for graduation)


*Prepare for finals

*Discuss with Biology instructors if it is recommended to take SAT Subject exam in Biology 


*Semester Grades are mailed home and posted online.

*Schedules for the following school year are mailed home during the summer

*Turn in any schedule changes asap