St. Ignatius

The Process

Service Verification:

Any service activity (with a nonprofit organization) can be credited to a student’s service record as long as the student submits official verification to the CS Office in a timely manner. If students have a question about whether the service they are doing can be credited to their record, please ask the CS Office as soon as possible.

Core Service:

Core Service requires that a student participate in service for at least 40 hours with the same agency AND complete a reflection component during this service activity. This service must be hands-on, direct service that addresses a social injustice. In order to participate in Core Service, students must first gain approval from the CSP and assigned a reflection component. Core Service is the only time students are required to get prior approval for service---and it is through this approval process that the student will receive his/her journal.

Basic Steps For Core Service Credit CHECK LIST

  • Research what you want to do for core service—see the CS office, go to view agency list, attend Volunteer Fair
  • Contact nonprofit agency—make sure they work with people in need, make sure they need volunteers, make sure they can engage you in at least 40 hours of service
  • Apply to volunteer—fill out any materials to sign up as a volunteer
  • Attend orientation or interview, if needed-make sure agency is a good fit for you
  • Get Accepted as a volunteer!
  • Fill out SI Core Application Form (located outside CS office and online)-make sure you have a schedule set up, get the signatures, fill out the questions
  • Submit the Core Application Form to CS office and get approved
  • Do Service and Reflection
  • Stay on track of Hours—submit your hours form regularly
  • Turn in your Core Project by your due date—So you can get CREDIT!
  • For more details on how to Plan a Core Project, click here!

Service in the Classroom

Freshman Year: Students are introduced to the SI Service Requirement in a large group presentation and during an X Period where they are broken down by their Religion and PE Classes.

Sophomore Year: Students participate in the St Anthony’s Service Plunge, a day-long service project with the St Anthony’s Foundation in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, For more information see St Anthony’s Service Plunge.

Junior Year: Throughout the year, students are introduced to concepts of social justice through their Religion Class. Students are asked to do GOYB (Get Off Your Butt) Projects which focus on one-time service education or action-oriented events. It is during this year that eligible students can apply for SI’s Immersion Program or Service Trip Program which takes place during the summer before senior year. 

Senior Year: Students are reunited with their journal and participate in a two-day lesson focusing on the Ignatian spirit of service and ways to incorporate the practice of service after graduation day.

Service Reports

Community Service is printed on a student’s transcript and a total of service hours is recorded. Updates on service happens on the transcript during each grade period. Service Hours can also be accessed on Powerschool. Students are encouraged to connect with the CS Office if they have any questions about their service record or the information displayed on their transcript.

Senior Service Summary

As a service to students, the CS Office can provide official documentation of service activity over the four years. This Service Summary lists all volunteer efforts provided by the student and includes any honors received by the student with regard to their service participation. Service Summaries can be requested at the CS Office and will be provided within one week of request.