St. Ignatius

Support Hours

Each student at SI is required to complete 100 hours of service before their senior year. This includes 40 hours for their Core Project and 60 hours of support service. While Core hours must all be done at the same location, the 60 support hours can be split among as many different service locations as a student wants. 

Students will be introduced to support hours during their first two years through service on campus at SI and with several of our long term service agency partners.  It is our mission for students to engage in service they are passionate about, while also having them venture outside of their comfort zone.

Here are some guidelines for Support Service Hours:

  • Can be performed at multiple service sites anytime throughout their first three years at SI
  • Hours must be verified by an adult volunteer supervisor at the service agency. 
  • Students will log all of their hours on MobileServe, our online service tracker.
  • Must be completed at a registered nonprofit organization/s
    • Cannot be done with a partisan political organization 
    • On-campus club fundraisers (bake sales, selling t-shirts, etc.) cannot count towards service hours
    • Students can start logging hours beginning on the first day of their freshman year at SI 
  • Parents/guardians cannot serve as adult volunteer verifiers for their own students, even if they work at the service site. 
  • Students cannot verify hours for other students in MobileServe. Students cannot verify their own service hours.

For any additional information or questions, please reach out to our office at, or stop by the Office of Community Service and Social Justice in the Student Center during school hours.