St. Ignatius

Information for Community Agencies

St Ignatius has a rigorous service requirement. Each of our students  participates in meaningful direct service, partnering with community based organizations. Our requirement engages students throughout the first three years of high school.

SI's graduation requirement is directed through our Community Service Office. 

We welcome community agencies to connect with us and share their needs for volunteer support. We are eager to collaborate with nonprofit organizations (agencies registered with a Federal Tax 501c(3)) as partners engaging students in social change.

There are many ways agencies can connect with SI. Please take a look below where we briefly describe the various opportunities for local organizations.

Connect with SI as a Referral Organization. Referral organizations are partners that are listed in our database as a resource to our students. Most of the time, these are agencies that have one-time service needs, particularly projects which would be excellent for student groups. In addition, referral agencies are those that may have the need for an on-campus charity drive. Finally, referral agencies tend to be organizations that need one-time volunteers or agencies that would like to be placed in our SI database for possible charity drives or student volunteering opportunities.

Please contact the Office of Community Service & Social Justice (

  • If you would like your organization to be added to our directory for students.
  • If you have one-time service activities.
  • If your agency is in need of a charity drive (socks, toiletries, food etc.)
  • If your agency would like information on our annual Volunteer Fair

Participate as a Core Agency Partner with SI. Core Agencies are key partners with SI. These are agencies that have a strong focus on social justice. These organizations can host student volunteers in an on-going,  committed basis for at least 40 hours. Students volunteering at core agencies must be engaged directly with people in need, providing very important hands-on service. In addition, these agencies must have responsible and consistent staff supervisors who are available to support our SI students.

Core Agencies are Nonprofit Organizations that work closely with the SI Office of Community Service and Social Justice, who foster an on-going relationship with SI student volunteers.

Core Agencies are able to host student volunteers for at least a minimum of 40 service hours (within a regular schedule of volunteering that does not take longer than 6 months). These agencies also provide direct service opportunities for at least 85% of the volunteer time, making it possible for SI students to engage directly with organization clients and staff in meaningful ways. If you are interested in becoming a Core Agency with St Ignatius, please complete the Core Agency Application and email it to the Office of Community Service & Social Justice ( Please include brochures and detailed information on your program.