St. Ignatius

Core Project

The goals of the Core Service Project are to engage students in service beyond their immediate community, push them to explore new social issues, and encourage a commitment to one nonprofit organization for the duration of the project. By providing hands-on, direct service, students build meaningful, personal connections with marginalized communities and persons in ways that transform their commitment to justice. The Core Project also engages students in social analysis and reflection, inviting them to ask questions about the root causes of social issues and make connections to their faith. The Core Service Project is at the heart of a Jesuit education because it challenges students to develop their own gifts and talents, examine structural injustices, and discern how to build a more just world. 

Traditionally, SI students are expected to complete 40 volunteer hours as part of their CORE Project. Due to Covid-19, the two options for the Class of 2022 are as follows: 

Option 1: Independent Project with a Non-Profit Organization

Student partners with one approved non-profit organization 

  1. to complete a minimum of 15 hours of direct service (virtual or in-person)
  2. And receive verification from the agency for the volunteer work.

And completes three required CORE Assignments via the CSSJ Canvas Page:

  1. CORE Proposal
  2. CORE Journal
  3. CORE Synthesis Paper.


  • Student researches and contacts a non-profit organization they want to volunteer with. 
  • After initial contact, students must submit a proposal via this google form to be approved by the Office of CSSJ before starting their volunteer work for the CORE Project. 
  • Students have six months to complete the volunteer hours and assignments upon approval. 
  • All the general policies of volunteer work apply. 
  • Students cannot pay to participate; volunteer work that requires payment does not qualify for CORE service. 

Option 2: Virtual/ Hybrid CORE Hosted by the Office of Community Service & Social Justice 

Student can participate in one of the following Virtual CORE Experiences that the CSSJ Office will program:

  • Virtual Spring 2021 - Four Zoom meetings in March
  • Hybrid Summer 2021 - TBD

And completes three required CORE Assignments via the CSSJ Canvas Page:

  1. CORE Journal
  2. CORE Advocacy Action
  3. One of the CORE assignment options our office will provide.

Students from the Class of 2022 will receive electronic communication with information on how to register for the virtual CORE options by the middle of February 2021.

For any additional information or questions, please reach out to our office at, or stop by the Office of Community Service and Social Justice in the student center during school hours.