St. Ignatius

Class of 2026 Service Requirement

Each student at SI is required to complete 75 hours of service before their senior year. Students must complete 15 service hours during their Freshman Year and 20 service hours during their Sophomore Year. The remaining 40 Service Hours will be completed through their Core Capstone Project, which asks them to engage in direct service with a marginalized population at one non-profit agency/organization. It is our mission for students to engage in service they are passionate about, while also having them venture outside of their comfort zones and into their local communities.

9th Grade: 15 Service Hours

  • All students will receive 5 service hours for their participation in the required Frosh Retreat with the St. Anthony Foundation.
  • Students must complete an additional 10 service hours between August 19, 2022 (the first day of Freshman year) and May 1, 2023. All hours must be completed at a non-profit agency/organization. Students may volunteer at one or multiple non-profit organizations to complete their 10 Frosh service hours. 

10th Grade: 20 Service Hours

  • Students must log 20 service hours between May 2, 2023 and May 1, 2024 at a pre-approved non-profit agency/organization. Students may volunteer at multiple pre-approved non-profit organizations to complete their 20 Sophomore service hours. 

Service Hour Guidelines: 

  • Students will log all of their hours on MobileServe, our online service tracker.
  • Service hours must be completed at a registered non-profit agency/organization
  • Hours must be verified by an adult volunteer supervisor at the non-profit service agency/organization with a .gov, .edu, or .org email address.
    • A volunteer supervisor or verifier cannot be a parent/guardian.
    • Students cannot verify hours for other students.
    • Students cannot verify their own hours
  • Students cannot serve other SI students to gain service hours.
    • Qualifies: Coaching middle school students at SI Summer School.
    • Does not qualify: Volunteering in the weight room to help SI students.
  • Students cannot pay to participate; volunteer work that requires payment does not qualify for service.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We do not credit hours from
    • partisan political organizations, on-campus club fundraisers, babysitting, tutoring a neighbor’s child, mowing a neighbor’s lawn, altar serving or lectoring at church services.

How to Get Started: 

Call or email some non-profit agencies/organizations to determine if they could be a good fit. Students can use the Service-Learning Directory or contact any local non-profit organization to identify service opportunities. A sample email is as follows:

Dear (Volunteer Supervisor’s Name Here),

My name is (Full Name) and I am a (Class Year) at St. Ignatius College Preparatory. I’m interested in volunteering with (Non-Profit Organization Name) over my (Period of Time). I am available between (Dates or Days and Times).

Could you provide me with information on how to sign up for volunteer shifts? What next steps do I need to take to begin volunteering?

I appreciate your help! I hope you are well.

(Full Name)

11th Grade: Core Capstone Project - 40 Hours and Core Capstone Assignment 

  • Students must complete their 40 Core Hours and Core Capstone Assignment between summer after Sophomore year and first day of Senior year

The goals of the Core Capstone Project are to engage students in service beyond their immediate community, push them to explore new social issues, and encourage a commitment to one nonprofit agency/organization for the duration of the project. By providing hands-on, direct service, students build meaningful, personal connections with marginalized communities and persons in ways that transform their commitment to justice. The Core Capstone Project also engages students in social analysis and reflection, inviting them to ask questions about the root causes of social issues and make connections to their faith. The Core Capstone Project is at the heart of a Jesuit education because it challenges students to develop their own gifts and talents, examine structural injustices, and discern how to build a more just world. 

Students plan, prepare, and engage in a Core Capstone Project with the goal that this experience will challenge them to:

  1. Utilize their planning skills, creating and implementing a project that builds upon their passions and special gifts.
  2. Go beyond their immediate community to provide personal, hands-on service to others in a way that addresses a social justice issue.
  3. Make a commitment to one issue and one agency for the duration of the project. Core Capstone Projects can be any length as determined by the student and the needs of  the non-profit agency/organization.
  4. Provide direct, interpersonal service to communities and individuals experiencing marginalization in our society.
  5. Reflect critically and spiritually through the Core Capstone Assignment.

Core Capstone Project Guidelines:

  • Students complete 40 hours for their Core Capstone Project.
  • Students research and contact a non-profit organization of interest to them. 
  • After initial contact, students must submit a proposal via this Google Form to be approved by the Community Service and Social Justice Office before starting their volunteer work for the Core Capstone Project. 
  • Students must complete a Core Capstone Assignment.
  • Students have 6 months to complete their 40 service hours and Core Capstone Assignment after receiving approval of their proposal. 
  • Each student must complete 40 hours and Core Capstone Assignment before the first day of their Senior year.
  • Students cannot pay to participate; volunteer work that requires payment does not qualify for service at St. Ignatius College Preparatory. 

For any additional information or questions, please reach out to our office at, or stop by the Office of Community Service and Social Justice in the student center during school hours.