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The Office of Community Service & Social Justice (CSSJ) oversees service-learning programs for students to engage as learners who walk with those in need. As a vital aspect of our Ignatian character, we invite our SI students to engage in service with and for others, both as a part of their academic requirements and as a part of their everyday lives. We encourage participation and commitment to social justice using the teachings of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, SJ and his influential speech "Men for Others: Education for Social Justice and Action Today." 

Through experiences like the Immersion Program, the Annual Christmas Drive and Solidarity Week, students have the concrete opportunity to place their faith in action as they become persons for others. They are provided the opportunity to wrestle with complex issues; they will be able to analyze social structures in light of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, SI’s own values, and their own lived experience. Students also gain many skills as they interact with local non-profit agencies and the diverse populations they serve. Through the required volunteer hours, students are exposed to volunteer opportunities in direct service, justice formation, and advocacy, all facilitating learning beyond the classroom. The hope is that these experiences transform our hearts and, ultimately, lead our students to be change agents in our world. 

With the help of Canvas (SI's Learning Management System) and x2VOL (Volunteer Hour Tracking Website), the office of CSSJ helps students to:

  • track and support for students' progress towards fulfilling their Community Service Graduation Requirement
  • Reflect on their service experiences
  • discern a proper agency placement for their Core Service Project 
  • connect with Weekly Service Opportunities, in-person and virtual

For the most consistent communication and response to your inquiry, email us at Our staff will respond within the next business day. All other direct communication can be sent to each individual below.

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Office of Community Service & Social Justice

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Ms. Tamara Setiady

Ms. Tamara Setiady

Titles: Assistant Director, Community Service and Social Justice, Immersion Coordinator
Mr. Ricky Matthews

Mr. Ricky Matthews

Class of 2015
Titles: Alumni Volunteer Corps
Mr. Xander Paras

Mr. Xander Paras

Class of 2017
Titles: Alumni Volunteer Corps