St. Ignatius

Campus Security



Available 24/7/365

Phone: Call 415-624-4285 to reach Campus Security. All students & parents are encouraged to enter this number on your cell phone. Security is available 24/7/365.

Parking, Drop Off & Transportation: You can find information here regarding rules and regulations and procedures for parking, drop-off and transportation. Student parking permits are required on any vehicle driven by students, regardless of where they park.  Permits are available at the Dean’s office.


Security Overview

Campus Security at SI offers a variety of services to ensure the safety and security of our SI family. Director of Security Marybeth McFarland manages the program, which includes physical security, emergency preparedness and response and community relations. The security landscape is always changing. Here at SI, we have created a security program to evolve with it.

Physical security program components include IP CCTV digital video management system with 30-day retention, electronic door access control system, intrusion alarm monitoring with forced entry signals and emergency mass notifications. These systems provide the school the ability to schedule door openings and closing and a global lock-down feature in the event of a critical incident.

Campus Safety also manages the background check digital visitor check-in system, traffic and parking management, new drop-off and pick-up procedures and event management. To sign in as a parent, names must match the current school parent directory. General visitors or contractors are screened through the National Sex Offender database. Failed background checks are immediately rectified before allowing persons on campus. All parents and visitors are required to visibly wear the orange visitor pass and required to sign out when leaving campus. A team of security agents patrol the campus 24/7/365 to assist with any problem that might arise, helps students find lost items, manage access for all deliveries and controls the daily opening and securing the 11-acre campus. Agents also assist co-curricular activities and events by providing access, directing guests to designated venues and contacting emergency services in the event of accident or injury.

Emergency preparedness involves annual presentations to the student body and faculty on emergency protocols that include discussion of the four main directives of KeepOut, LockDown, Shelter-in-Place and Evacuate. In 2014, SI was the first San Francisco Catholic high school to implement the Standard Response Protocols used by the SFPD at all SF public school for response and recover to critical incidents. In addition, SI digitized our campus site plans for use by responding SFPD patrol staff on their iPads. The Deans and the Director of Security work closely with our two SFPD Community Resource Officers from the Taraval Station when necessary.

Community relations includes working with SI leadership in the Good Neighbor program to provide quick responses to parking and traffic complaints. We continue to work with neighbors in submitting SFMTA traffic calming requests, such as speed bumps, traffic control signage and parking. SI serves as a community resource in the event of a major natural disaster as a designated American Red Cross shelter, similar to the recovery during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. SI will be again hosting Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) program's SFFD City Wide Drill this year in the Fall. NERT was established out of the neighborhood community involvement during the Loma Prieta Earthquake. Students are encouraged to participate in the 2020 Drill as role players or volunteers for community service hours.

Closed Campus

2020-21 COVID PROTOTOLS:  In the event of an emergency, it is imperative that all students will be accounted for by taking attendance. No student is allowed off campus at any time during the normal school hours without the permission of a Dean. Once students arrive at school they are to remain on campus until the end of their last class period. During the Hybrid Learning Schedule, the Dean's office will issue a date/time stamped pass to present to security or faculty if leaving before the start of Lower Lunch which is no earlier than 11:40 AM.  Students accompanied by faculty are permitted to go or return from a community service project, field trip or off campus athletic event in which they are participants without the need of a pass. Students are not allowed to order takeout deliveries to campus. Forgotten items such as lunches, PE uniforms or iPads may be left with Security at the main entrance, which will be forwarded to the Dean's office for student notification and pick up.

SI Lost and Found Procedures

SI is not responsible for items left behind by students on campus, but the Security Department would like to provide a convenient mechanism for assisting in the return of lost items to the owner. This policy establishes a procedure regarding the handling and return of items found on campus, the disposition of unclaimed items, and a mechanism to track items reported lost.


The Lost and Found Procedures give instructions for handling and tracking items found and turned in to Campus Security guards and items reported as lost.

Procedure for Found Items

  1. All found items should be turned in to the Dean's office before 3 p.m. each day. The Dean's office will temporarily store items until in their office until it is collected by the security staff at 4 p.m. Security staff will work with Dean's Office to make every attempt to contact the owner if sufficient identification is on the item to facilitate a quick return to the rightful owner.
  2. Agents will record items of value such as Air pods, iPads, phones, and wallets on the log sheets at the time they are turned over by the Dean's office. Information requested in the logbook will help to ensure items are accounted for and returned to the rightful owners.
  3. Items of value will be kept in a secure location.
  4. All other lost and found articles, such as textbooks, water bottles and clothing will be put in the designated box located in the Student Center, outside the Prep Shop.
  5. In order to claim a found item (24/7), the owner must describe the item as closely as possible. After ownership is established, the owner will sign for the item. Air pods now offer free engraving at the time of purchase. It is recommended to engrave your student's name and telephone number on all items of value.

Procedure for Lost Items

A log sheet will be made available at the main reception desk for those who report missing items. A person may list a lost item along with their name, email or phone number. A security staff member will contact the person if identified when the item is collected by guard or turned in to the Security office. Completed logbook sheets will be kept on file at the Security office. Owners can claim lost items 24/7 by calling the Security cell phone to arrange collection, including after school or on weekends.


Items in Lost and Found which are not claimed by the end of each semester will be disbursed. Items of value will be taken to the Director of Security Office. Non-reusable items will be disposed. All reusable items will be appropriately donated.

Misappropriation of lost or found items may be treated as theft or fraud under the school policies and the relevant California Penal Code.