Sophomore Retreat

In their second year at SI, every student participates in the Sophomore Retreat with their Religious Studies class.  This two-day retreat is an opportunity for our students to engage in service and reflection.  We partner with St. Anthony Foundation, who provides a variety of services for people in need.  In this service plunge students experience what it means to be with those who live on the margins of our city.

Day One:

Students participate in the Justice Education Program at St. Anthony Foundation, engage in a service activity in the Tenderloin neighborhod and eat lunch with the guests in the St. Anthony Dining Room. 

Students return to SI for retreat activities and eat dinner with their fellow retreatants and parents.  **During dinner students and parents will have an opportunity for shared reflection.  Our expectation is that at least one parent (or an adult who plays an important role in the student’s life) will join us for the Dinner component of the Sophomore Retreat.  More information will come as your student’s retreat date approaches.

Day Two:

Students spend the second day engaged in prayer and critical reflection on their service experiences in the Tenderloin.  On day two students remain on the SI campus.

Classes: Students are excused from classes during the retreat without penalty.  Please complete any major assignments before the retreat, and check with your teachers PRIOR TO RETREAT for any arrangements for missed work or make-up tests.  Students are expected to take exams and quizzes scheduled for the day after retreat unless they make other arrangements with the teacher.

Co-Curricular Activities:  Students are excused from practices and rehearsals for SI athletics and SI performing arts programs. If you have a league meet or game, or a ticketed performance, you will be excused only for that portion of the retreat.  Athletes who need to be dismissed before 1:30 on the first day of the retreat will need to reschedule their retreat dates.

Graduation Requirement:  The Sophomore Retreat is a Graduation Requirement – attendance is mandatory.  We cannot make accommodations for club sports or any other activities outside of SI.  Please make all calendar arrangements as soon as possible.  Our teachers, administrators and coaches are all aware of this.  The following information is important when considering SI academics and co-curricular activities: 

Retreat Dates: 2017 – 2018

Fall Semester


Spring Semester

September 20-21 (W-Th), Ms. Miller-Fleig, 3rd


January 18-19 (Th-F), Ms. Stricherz, 3rd

October 5-6 (Th-F), Fr. Stiegler, S.J., 6th


January 25-25 (Th-F), Fr. Stiegler, S.J., 5th

October 26-27 (Th-F), Ms. Miguens, 1st


February 7-8 (W-Th), Ms. Stricherz, 4th

November 1-2 (W-Th), Ms. Miguens, 5th


February 14-15 (W-Th), Ms. Miguens, 6th

November 16-17 (Th-F), Mr. Lannan, 4th


March 22-23 (Th-F), Ms. Miller-Fleig, 7th

November 30- Dec 1 (Th-F), Fr. Stiegler, S.J., 1st


April 12-13 (Th-F), Ms. Prendergast, 3rd



April 19-20 (Th-F), Ms. Miguens, 2nd



April 26-27 (Th-F), Fr. Stiegler, 7th



Please contact Sr. Sharon Brannen with any questions about the Sophomore Retreat.  

415-731-7500, ext 5402:

Suggested Resources:

The following resources might be a great way for Sophomores and their families to continue to reflect on the experience of the Retreat, and to consider the ways in which we are challenged to be men and women with and for others.

Someone on the street is asking me for money - What should I do?

Cardboard Stories - Homeless in Orlando

More details will be e-mailed to parents three weeks before the scheduled retreat.  You can download more information here: