St. Ignatius

MySchoolBucks payment processing

Easily and securely pay for school meals online or on-the-go! Create your free MySchoolBucks account to view purchases, check your student’s balance, receive low balance alerts, and add funds. We appreciate you using this payment option as a way to help reduce the amount of physical cash handling in the serving line.

Easy steps to use MySchoolBucks:

1 - Go to or download the mobile app

2 - Create your free account and then add your student using their school, full name and birthdate (or student ID#) 

3 - Add funds using your credit/debit card or electronic check. For each deposit,  you will be charged a program fee of $2.75. You can also drop off a check in the Business Office made payable to St. Ignatius with their name/ID#, and we can deposit in your student's account at no charge. (Allow 24 hours for check deposits to go through.)

4 - Use the highly recommended Auto-Pay ("when balance falls below") feature to set-up Automatic payments and never forget to send in lunch money again!  Note - to start this at the beginning of the school year, you will need to manually add the amount the first time. Autopay can take up to 24 hours to reload, so plan the threshold accordingly.

How Students use MySchoolBucks on campus:

Students scan their finger using a biometric ID management system to make a purchase. 

  • New students will be enrolled in the biometric system (finger scan) during orientation or they can email to arrange a time once school begins.
  • If you wish to opt out of the biometric finger scan, please complete this form. (School ID should be presented to use MySchoolBucks as payment if they do not register a fingerscan.)
  • Students can also create a MySchoolBucks account to see their purchases and monitor their balance. This is a helpful budgeting tool for students.  The student account will not impact the parent account as they can be linked to more than one account. (Only accounts that have a linked credit/debit card can add funds.)

Refund policy (effective 8/23/19):

When your student graduates or leaves SI for any reason, for balances from parent deposits over $10 you will have the option to get a refund check, transfer funds to another SI student, or make a donation to SI's Annual Fund. Balances less than $10 are automatically allocated to SI's Annual Fund as a donation. For questions, please contact Kerryn Schwarz  x5257.


  • Helpful videos and answers to commonly asked questions about setting up your account, accessing your account, low balance notifications, or setting up Auto-pay
  • Log into your account to start a chat conversation or call MySchoolBucks 1-855-832-5226 
  • Questions about adding a student to your account, setting up a fingerscan, or questions concerning purchases made at St. Ignatius: contact Kerryn Schwarz x5257.