St. Ignatius


Ignatian Educational Groundings

The following, published by SI's Office of Adult Spirituality, is a DVD series that offers a comprehensive review of key Jesuit and Ignatian terms and way of proceeding. Available for purchase. Created by Paul Hanley, a former SI religious studies teacher. To buy this DVD ($100), contact Rita O'Malley.

Topic/Content for Each Session

Each presentation will include historical context, reference to experiences and documents in Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit education; connection to universal Church; introduction to several key persons; contemporary application

Session 1: Finding God in All Things: Ignatian Educational Groundings

Ratio Studiorum, Characteristics of Jesuit Education, uniqueness of humanities approach to education, grounded in mission of Jesus – every encounter is an opportunity for “saving souls”

Session 2: Men and Women With and For Others: Inculturation and Solidarity

Ignatius’ teaching on adaptation; Francis Xavier, Mateo Ricci, missionary style; GC 32-33, Men for Others, Responding to the Call of Christ; Catholic Social Teaching; Cura Personalis

Session 3: Contemplatives in Action: Our Way of Proceeding

Jesuit Constitutions; call to ministry – work is prayer, but need to pray; Our Way of Proceeding, GC 33-35, Examen

Ignatian Project: Understanding Ignatian Spirituality

This DVD series, also created by Paul Hanley, tells the story of the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola and defines key Ignatian terms. To receive a copy, contact Rita O'Malley.