St. Ignatius

Accessing PowerSchool

Open your favorite web browser and go to this site: You may want to Bookmark this site. There is also a link to PowerSchool on the parent and student landing pages. (Access those pages on the top right of the website.)

Step 1

Parents: You first need to create an account to access your child's information. Click on the "Create Account" button and follow the instructions to create your PowerSchool account.

Students: Enter your User Name and Password. NOTE: Because of PowerSchool security settings, you cannot save your password. You must re-type the password every time you log in.

Step 2 – You’re in! PowerSchool is very easy to navigate once you are in the system. Your page will look like this:

Image of Initial PowerSchool Page

The first page you will see is the Grades & Attendance page that displays the last two weeks attendance as well as the classes in which your student is currently enrolled along with the current grade for the term. If you click on any of the “blue” links, you will be able to see additional information. Clicking on the letter grade in each class will provide you with a list of assignments, tests, and quizzes that your son/daughter has been assigned. If there are not grades entered yet, a dashed line will appear. Teachers will update their grades in PowerSchool at least by our Mid-quarter, Midterm, and Semester Grade Report dates.

To e-mail one of your child’s instructors, click on the instructor’s name. To sign up for updates via email, you can click on the Email Notification button and follow the prompts. Please note that we’re still uploading information, so Grade history and GPA information will be available later this semester. We do not have plans to use the School Bulletin, Class Registration, or My Calendars features, though we may in the future.

Step 3 – The logout button in the top right corner of any page will log you out of the PowerSchool server, and return you to the login page. If you access PowerSchool from a public computer, make sure you log out of the system and quit the web browser completely.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that teachers enter grades into PowerSchool differently. Assignments and scores are not always clearly defined for this reason; they are a reflection of recorded scores. Teachers are happy to meet with a student at any time to discuss his or her grade in the course. Your child’s grade will be accurately calculated in PowerSchool at the end of the grading quarter.