Honors Information

January 2019

Dear Parents,

Although we are early in our second semester at St. Ignatius, it is time for students to think about what classes they would like to take during the next academic year.  Our course catalog will be finalized by Tuesday, January 22nd. Your child’s counselor will be meeting with your son or daughter on the following dates in the next few weeks to review the appropriate course of study for each year:  Juniors – Tuesday, February 5th; Sophomores – Tuesday, February 12th; Freshmen – Tuesday, January 29th.  Before that counselor meeting, your child can start to think about which classes he or she would like to take. 

We will begin our application process for Honors and Advanced Placement classes for the next academic school year on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.  We encourage students to speak with their parents, counselors, and teachers about whether or not they should apply for these courses.  All our classes at St. Ignatius are rigorous, college-preparatory courses, and every student will want to follow an individualized course of study that is challenging but not overwhelming.  A student can expect between 45 minutes to 1 hour of homework per night in each Honors or Advanced Placement class.

As stated in our Student/Parent Handbook,“Given the additional rigor of honors coursework, students who wish to take more than two honors courses in any semester must have their counselors’ approval.”  

Please see the outline of the application process for Honors/AP courses in each Academic Department here.  Also, please see the Honors/Advanced Placement time-line below for key dates in this process.  Please note that if your child does not qualify for the honors course based upon the criteria listed, that he or she should appeal following the directions on the chart.   Review these dates with your child carefully. In order to be considered for Honors/Advanced Placement courses, students must meet the appropriate deadlines.


Honors/Advanced Placement Application Dates

1/22 & 1/23 – Honors/AP application process begins.  Math students should inform teacher of interest in taking an Honors/AP course.  English students pick up an application from their teachers, and Language students fill out a form indicating their language preference for next year.  Social Science students will fill out an application form that is posted on-line.  Science eligibility is determined without an application.

1/29 –  Honors/AP applications for English and Language due. 

2/11 –  Honors/AP placements posted on-line for all subjects.

2/11 –  2/15  Send in appeals to Honors/AP placement decisions as soon as possible.

2/20 –  Freshman & juniors submit course selections to Counselor and on-line.

2/22 –  Decisions on Honors/AP appeals posted on-line and communicated to counselors.

2/26 –  Sophomores submit course selections to Counselor and on-line.  

2/26 –  Freshmen & juniors submit any honors course changes based upon appeals decisions. 

Counselors will explain the course request process when they meet with students.  However, do not hesitate to contact your child’s counselor or me with questions about the process.


Carole Nickolai
Assistant Principal for Academics
Email:  cnickolai@siprep.org