St. Ignatius

Honors Information

January 25, 2022

Dear Parents & Guardians,

It is time for students to think about what classes they would like to take during the next academic year.  Our course catalog is finalized and available on the student landing page of the website and linked here. Peruse the course catalogue with your student(s) and have a conversation about the appropriate course load for the upcoming school year.  As stated in our Student/Parent Handbook, “Given the additional rigor of honors coursework, students who wish to take more than two honors or AP courses in any semester must have the approval of the counselor.”  Academic criteria for honors/AP course eligibility are posted in the course catalog, on the student portal and linked here for your reference.  In order for students to understand and participate in the course selection process, the counseling department has scheduled two meetings during upcoming X periods, and they've produced informational videos which are posted on the student landing page.  In addition, counselors will be available to provide consultation and to answer specific questions.  Please encourage your student to contact their counselor for any questions about the course scheduling process.


January 20:  Course Catalog is available online.  

Discuss what course load would be best for your student keeping in mind their extracurricular activities both in and outside of school.

February 2:  Personal and Academic Counselors will have a course selection parent/guardian night at 6:30 pm.  Check the parent newsletter for more information.  

February 2:  PowerSchool course request screen opens and students can begin to request courses.

February 2:  Initial AP/Honors approvals and math placements will be available on the student request screens in Powerschool.

February 4:  AP/Honors Appeals Deadline.  

Any student who does not meet the requirements for AP/Honors courses can submit an appeal by this date (the appeals form will appear in the student landing page). 

February 15:  SI Summer High School Registration Opens @ 10 am.

February 22:  Deadline to submit course requests.

Discuss with your student if taking a class during the summer would benefit them during the school year.


Danielle Devencenzi Cronin
Assistant Principal for Academics