Course Catalog: Wellness


Grade Level — 10
Length — One Year

Type of Course — Lower Division seminar
Prerequisite — None
Criteria for Enrollment — All sophomore students must enroll
Grading: Pass+, Pass, or Fail

Course Description  Students at St. Ignatius are faced with complex life circumstances, which impact their general health and well being. The Health and Wellness course is designed to provide students with information and skills needed to live a well-balanced and healthy life.  They will be given tools to maintain optimal wellness, which is the state of being healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  The course will examine the social, mental, sexual, intellectual, physical, and spiritual dimensions of adolescent health and wellness. This course is designed to cultivate lifelong health, and underscores the uniqueness of each individual. Framed by a comprehensive approach, this course will focus on current health issues experienced by teenagers. The following topics will be covered by the curriculum; mindfulness; physical health, stress, stress management; nutrition, alcohol, cannabis, tobacco/vaping, and other drug use/abuse; study skills; social health, friendships, use of social media; mental health, depression, anxiety, suicide and coping skills; sexual health, intimate relationships, communication, sexual behavior.