St. Ignatius

Course Catalog: Physical Education Department


All students must enroll in a minimum of two semesters of Physical Education classes.** The program is designed to promote a sense of health and fitness, personal responsbility in being fit, and an appreciation of individual and group achievement. It provides them the opportunity to participate in activities that may be of ongoing interest to them throughout their lives. Students must participate in physical activities units in order to receive full credit for the course. The Physical Education grade is included in the Grade Point Average. Students may take additional elective classes after their requirement is completed


**NOTE:  Dance 1A will fulfill Physical Education's second semester requirement

Please note:  A student must participate actively during the sport’s entire season in order to earn a letter.  Any student who does not fulfill the above requirements by the end of the Fall semester of his or her senior year must enroll in a second semester of PE during the spring.

Waiver information
In addition, the student may be waived from the second semester of Physical Education if all of the following criteria are met:

  • He or she earns three athletic letters after freshman year;
  • The three athletic letters are earned from two different sports;
  • At least one of the letters is from a Varsity sport;
  • At least one of the letters must be earned during the student’s junior or senior year; and
  • Letters must be earned by the end of the Fall semester of the student’s senior year.

    Click here to download a copy of the PE Athletic waiver form